People often get confused between sprains and strains. Almost everyone once in their lives experiences strain or sprain. Both these terms are often used to describe overstretching or tearing of soft tissues in and around the joints. Recognizing the key difference can help you in the identification of joint sprains or strains.

In case of severe pain, you can consult Specialty Care Clinics to get a relief plan. Before diving deep into the understanding of these two terms first let’s know the basic difference between :


An injury to the ligament (which connects your brain at a joint) is often referred to as a sprain. In a sprain, your ligament gets overstretched beyond its capacity. This condition leads to micro-injuries development in ligaments. Although a sprain is considered small, the ligament itself is one piece. However severe pain can be a symptom of a partial or complete tear of the ligament (torn into pieces).

Often athletes suffer from these types of injuries. One can easily fall while playing a sport, can collide with someone, or get tackled. This will lead to twisting, moving, pushing, and pulling of arms and legs. With this condition, the ligament in your body gets overstretched in a blink of an eye. The most common example is often seen as a sprained ankle.

Identify the sprain with these symptoms: pain, redness, swelling, or unable to move the affected part of the body. During moderate to severe pain you may get to hear a popping sound and also you won’t be able to put pressure on it.

Sports injury sprain


If your pain is mild you can try these remedies at home :

  • Use ice pack
  • By taking enough rest
  • Try compression technique
  • Inclination
  • Have pain-killers if needs

If your symptoms get severe or your pain intensified, you may need surgery for correction. Surgery is done to fix the torn pieces of the ligaments.


Strain is related to muscle and tendon surgery. Tendon can be defined as a thick band of tissues that connect muscles to bones. The development of strain occurs directly from a blow to the area, overexertion, or repetitive movements without proper conditioning and rest. When you try to pull a muscle that means you have strained yourself. Knowing the severity of the strain depends on how badly the tendon or muscle is affected. Severe injury is caused when your tendon tears.

A strain occurs usually in the back or in the hamstring muscles. Among the most affected group of people, athletes top the list. Athletes get strained when playing games like soccer, basketball, or football. Strain can cause symptoms like pain, swelling, weakness, muscle spasms, and cramping in the area.


Treatment of severely injured muscles or tendons can not be done at home, it requires a rehabilitation program. There are some cases where an orthopedic doctor may need you to prepare for surgical repairs to your affected muscle or tendon, which means you have to be in bed and refrain from engaging in activities that have caused you injury for several weeks.

Tips to avoid sports injury


Let us know the symptoms to recognize between sprain and strain :

Sprain :

  • Bruising
  • Pain around the affected area
  • Swelling
  • Limited flexibility
  • Hard to use the joint’s full range of motion

Strain :

  • Muscle
  • Pain around the affected area
  • Swelling
  • Limited flexibility
  • Difficulty using the joint’s full range of motion

Among all these symptoms the main difference is that in sprain there is bruising around the affected area wherein strain of the affected muscle gets spasms.

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