Triggering and Underlying Causes of Podiatry


Do you know what podiatry is? What is a foot doctor called? Are you dealing with your podiatry health requirements consistently and consciously by seeking medical aid from a podiatrist who you think is near to you? To elaborate quite a bit, podiatry or podiatric medicine is the collateral of medicine dedicated exclusively for the analysis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle as well as the lower extremity. It has its origin and deep valuable roots, especially from the United States. Are you aware that the feet face tremendous routine abuse right from walking, running, jumping as well as climbing? So naturally and obviously the feet are subject to various different particular types of problems. Hence this blog discusses the current issues in Podiatry.

Triggering and Underlying Causes of Podiatry

As an inherent fact, the feet are composed of up to 26 bones each, establishing them as one of the most delicate areas and crucial zones of the body. Notwithstanding, as per the viewpoint of the college of podiatry school a person would walk approximately 150,000 miles in their lifetime roughly about the equivalent of walking around the world approximately six times.

Improper footwear, dysfunctional postures, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes and aging are some of the primary pivotal contributors to foot problems and current issues in podiatry. This blog would highlight some of the most common underlying triggers to foot problems and associated ailments. Their potential causes and underlying triggers would be the takeaways from this blog, the subsequent remedial measures and the apt mechanism to seek treatment.


The athlete’s foot is majorly triggered due to walking in damp areas. This condition of the foot is highly contagious. An athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the skin especially observed between the toes. However, this infection can scatter and spread causing important discomfort, itching and even pain as regards foot facts podiatry is concerned.

Triggering Factors:

  • An individual is majorly exposed to the fungus that triggers an athlete’s foot in a gymnasium, shower, or pool where people generally walk around barefoot. It is a natural tendency for fungus to thrive in warm and damp areas pertaining to podiatry facts and podiatry school.
  • Wearing shoes that are warm and damp in nature can cause the fungus to grow as well as spread. This condition is highly contagious and it can very well spread to other associated areas of the skin including the hands, groin, and scalp.

Underlying Symptoms:

Athletes’ feet cause itching, cracking, blistering as well as peeling of the feet. This condition peculiarly commences between the fourth and fifth toes and then spreads drastically. Consequently, an individual can also develop cracks in the heels or skin of the toes. You need to deeply understand podiatrists- what do they do and advise certain things and precautions.

Treatment for podiatry

Professional Treatment:

  • Anti-fungal treatments are available in major drug stores in the form of sprays, powders, or lotions for remedial application to the feet.
  • If the fungus is spreading or worsening even after suitable treatment it is high time to meet their podiatrist and seek apt professional specialty clinics assistance who can very well advise and prescribe oral antifungal medication for the conditions.

These are some of the vital podiatry facts as well as podiatrists facts and the efficient mechanism of podiatry school in general.


Peculiarly improper tight or narrow footwear might result in bunions. Bunions are dysfunctional abnormalities of the feet that result in a bump developing on the huge massive toe joint. This can result in the big toe turning slightly in an inward position. Health Care professionals and podiatrists call bunions hallux valgus. Women are more vulnerable and prone to become a victim of bunions owing to the increased pressures surging from the narrow footwear. Hence sound knowledge and information about accurate podiatrist education becomes inevitable.

Triggering Factors:

  • Wearing tight or narrow shoes can trigger bunions to develop and thrive.
  • Specific tight or narrow shoes can trigger bunions to develop and expand
  • Tight shoes happen to exert pressure on the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) which is the root underlying cause and trigger which is where the bone of the foot meets the bone of the big toe.

These triggering factors help you to know and understand the basic foot facts in podiatry.

  • The genetics factor and the family history of bunions is the major potential risk factor. Moreover, some conditions consisting of rheumatoid arthritis or polio augment the likelihood and probability of the emergence and development of a bunion. So it becomes inevitable and necessary to adopt the precautionary remedial measures of a podiatrist.


Underlying Symptoms:

A person suffering from bunion might encounter one or more of these subsequent symptoms:

  • A visible bump on the side of the foot
  • Tenderness or delicacy on or around the big toe
  • Callus or corn developing on the bone below the big toe
  • Difficulty moving and walking with the big toe
  • Persistent Pain in the big toe while walking

These are the apt necessary podiatry facts which must be known by every American in order to attain a healthy feet and physical wellbeing.

Professional Treatment:

  • Conventional Conservative treatment remedial measures would peculiarly and usually improvise the symptoms of a bunion by seeking the accurate and authentic professional podiatrist who knows about what they do in general as a branch of specialized medical specialization.
  • A person must wear appropriate and suitable fitting shoes without having high heels.
    Individuals can also purchase a bunion pad at a shoe store or drugstore that safeguards the bunion from extra excessive pressure.
  • Ice Application for about ten minutes a day augments and increases with an ice pack covering which is instrumental in reducing inflammation to a considerable extent.
  • A Podiatrist or your all-pervasive feet care health specialist- Specialty Care Clinic renowned as a podiatrist can prescribe and advise custom-made as well as tailor-made and personalized as well as customized shoe inserts or a splint that can assist in straightening your big toe. If a person’s bunion does not subside and subsequently results in prolonged pain, then the health care professionals select and resort to rationalizing it.


Individuals suffering from diabetes are more vulnerable to fluctuations in blood sugar. Diabetic neuropathy is not just one condition or parameter but a cluster of conditions and feet pain stages that trigger the feet owing to diabetic medical history. This has been elaborately identified by a professional podiatrist in general

Triggering Factors:

Over time high blood sugar levels have a high probability to deteriorate the nerves, specifically and especially those in the feet. On the other hand, relative associated factors can lead to worsening of the nerve deterioration with a complex medical history of smoking, alcoholism, or a history of diabetic neuropathy genetic disorder running through generations in the family which needs prompt and stringent attention and consultation of a podiatrist.

Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy


  • Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy consist of numbness, tingling as well as pain in the feet.
  • This condition can contribute to a higher risk of individuals encountering cuts or injuries to the feet due to lack of sensation and feeling as being one of the most current issues in podiatry.

Professional Treatment:

  • Maintaining balanced good health as well as blood sugar control can assist an individual to treat their diabetic neuropathy.
  • While a doctor fails to reverse the nerve damage, they can very well recommend treatments to prevent it from worsening.
  • As per the professional podiatric expert say in specialty care clinics an individual experiencing the ill effects of diabetes should also opt-out for constant and regular foot check-ups and examinations. It is always recommended that individuals should go for a stress buster to pamper themselves with professional toenails trimming and seek medical attention and assistance if they identify and find out about any other foot wounds which becomes the most potential role of a podiatrist to manage the wellbeing of the patients by delivering them the authentic foot facts in podiatry.


Do you take commendable care of your feet to accelerate your life’s pinnacle with a sweet and pleasant journey? Whether you are an athlete or belong to any other vocation you must positively stand on your feet as your life stands on your feet so don’t waste much time and meet professional podiatrists’ specialty care clinics at the earliest for utmost medical advice and assistance for a healthy podiatric remedial treatment.

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