In recent research in America, it was found that nearly 1 out of 5 people suffer from chronic pain. People who are suffering from this pain often have difficulties in their normal life that are hard to deal with. Other pains usually go away after some time but chronic pain stays for months (nearly 3 months or above), which makes it complicated to do any physical activity.

During chronic pain, a person can feel discomfort, irritation, or annoyance from his loved ones if they try to console him. Here, physicians and psychologists can be helpful. Physicians provide treatment while psychologists manage the mental and emotional well-being of the patient.

Chronic pain may not always be due to an injury or illness. The problem can sometimes occur from insufficient psychological mismanagement where the brain labels receiving signals from the body as pain-causing signs.

chronic pain position

Chronic pain has many reasons for its persistent occurrences that can be due to any injury, illness, and prolonged physical, emotional, or social stress. Different people have different experiences during chronic pain that gets worse without treatment and on-time medication. Worsening symptoms of chronic pain can also be due to stress, depression, anger, anxiety issues or fear, a feeling of isolation, doing nothing, or doing too much. Specialty Care Clinic has provided multiple treatments related to chronic pain and has a skillful team who is reliable in every phase of the treatment.


You can manage chronic pain with help of Specialty Care Clinic’s pain management program. Although, living with chronic pain is not easy but you can some points to reduce its level. Below are the following steps you can follow to control the exerting pain:

  • Breathing and stretching exercises

Start your mornings with a few body stretching exercises to relax your tensed muscles followed by some breathing exercises that will help to calm down the nerves and soothe the pain.

Exercise and meditation

  • Follow an active routine plan

Plan out your day’s activity that keeps your body energized and active throughout. Inculcate physical activities. Do not overdo or underdo it. Try to keep everything under control.

  • Reduce stress levels and include meditation

Stress not only increases your chronic pain level but also causes other problems too. Maintaining stress levels is most important for good health. Hence, meditation can be beneficial for stress management.

  • Be consistent and at pace

Maintain at least a minimal level of physical activity routine that keeps the energy level balanced. Be consistent with them too.

  • Look for other symptoms that are causing pain

Keep track of chronic pain occurrence and condition before the pain so that it gets easy to understand what are the other causes that lead to chronic pain.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption and smoking

Drinking alcohol can disturb your sleep cycle and losing the quality of sleep worse the pain. That is why for better management of chronic pain restrict the consumption of alcohol. Smoking also worsens the situation by causing breathing difficulties hence reducing that too.

  • Follow a disciplined sleep cycle

An incomplete sleep cycle can disturb the proper functioning of the body and can worsen the pain too. Hence, follow a good nighttime routine and also maintain proper hygiene to prevent the worsening of pain.

  • Meet with people (supporting groups)

Meeting with new people or joining any support group who are going through a similar problem can help you to feel less lonely. You can also learn from their experience how to they dealt with chronic pain.

You can also manage chronic pain by taking over-the-top painkillers. But, it is advised to take a prescription from your doctor before taking any pain-reducing drug. Among all the painkillers paracetamol; is considered to be safest medicine for adults. Go seek medical care from a physiotherapist or psychologist.

Chronic Pain is a type of pain that someone has to live with it rest of his life and there is no available treatment. But you can reduce the pain by following pain management program.

Try out Specialty Care Clinic’s chronic pain management program to reduce the level of discomfort you are feeling. To book an appointment call us at 469-545-9983.

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