Working in a harsh environment like oilfields has its pros and cons. People who choose to work here get the benefits of high pay and bonuses compared to other field jobs. But with all those benefits, the risks of life also come together. The condition becomes more dangerous when the already harsh environment includes heavy machinery to work on.

The United States tops the list of most oilfield injuries around the world. These injuries range from mild to severe to life-threatening. The extraction of oil and gas by drilling holes in the earth’s crust is among the most dangerous jobs in the world and requires special safety measures and better protection.

Whenever there is an accident while working in the field there is a requirement for first-aid services which you can avail of by calling the Specialty Care Clinics. We provide urgent care to patients before going to the specific treatment procedure.

Oilfield worker injury


We know how dangerous an oilfield job can be and the injury risk is also high. Now, let’s see the five most common injuries that often happen.

  • Slip and fall

Anyone can sleep regardless of the situation or environment. Oilfield workers have to work in conditions where the chances of accidental falls are high and also greasy floor sometimes causes slipping. To protect against accidental falls pay extra attention to steps while climbing up in the rig.

  • Insufficient or improper training

It is really essential to know all the necessary safety measures before starting the job routine. Get yourself trained as per the working environment in the oilfield to avoid any mishappening as well as to prevent harm to your co-workers. Understand the mechanism of the machines and equipment and get well-trained. A lack of knowledge or information can lead to drastic consequences.

  • Gas poisoning

Extracting oil and gases in the oilfield from the deep core is harmful to one’s health and getting continuously exposed to these gasses can cause health complications like gas poisoning or over-limiting chemicals. This sometimes leads to permanent damage or life-threatening condition.

Electrocution injury in oilfield

  • Electrocution

Electrocution is also one of the most common causes of mild to serious injuries that cover vast numbers in the oilfield. Electrocution is a term used for a series of electric shocks that reaches the brain directly. And oilfield workers are exposed to chemicals for too long which act as electrical conductors and give an electric shock.

  • Fires and explosion

Fires and explosions are the most precautionary threats that can create havoc if somehow caught up. The oilfield environment provides all kinds of favorable conditions for fire and explosion, which is why its safety is the top priority. Various chemicals, oil, and gases are fire explosive in nature, and information regarding them should be provided in every way possible to prevent the future mishappening.

Other than these, well blowouts (uncontrolled release of oil while drilling oil), poor maintenance in worksites, machinery failures, etc are some of the reasons that can create major unwanted situations.

Accidents can happen in any field of work or job but it is our responsibility to prevent them by taking active steps toward better work conditions. We at Specialty Care Clinics have provided quick responses to victims of the above-mentioned injuries and provide suitable first-aid services and necessary treatment that prevents further worsening of the situation.

Oilfield slip and fall injury


You can avoid these injuries and threats by taking a few safety measures like the following:

  • First, know your environment and act like it. That means before starting the work learn about its geographical conditions like climate, terrain, etc.
  • Place controlling boards in place for better management.
  • Inform people as much as possible about the machinery and make them aware.
  • Choose proper protection.
  • Keep your types of equipment all maintained.

Oilfield accidents can be fatal or deadly, any small fault or negligence can turn into a disaster. Preventive measures should be taken seriously and followed attentively. Accidents can not be predicted beforehand but their happenings can be reduced.

Getting fast services for injured patients becomes easy with Specialty Care Clinics. We provide urgent care services like mandatory first-aid treatment to severely injured patients. For more information call (469) 545-9983.

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