Texas is the nation’s largest oil producer, accounting for about 25% of the total. There are many oil industries in Texas. While commercial vehicle accidents can happen anywhere, multiple factors combine to make Texas oil truck accidents among the deadliest incidents on roadways. Any road accident can be serious, but accidents involving oil trucks can be particularly devastating. Oil trucks are specially designed to transport oil, however, the carelessness of the driver or failure to maintain the oil truck may lead to a serious accident resulting in severe injury or death. Due to highway crashes many workers suffer from injury or death in the oil industry. If you suffer injury from an oil truck accident in Texas, visit Specialty Care Clinics for professional medical help. For more information, call us. We provide worker’s compensation, hence the treatment becomes less expensive for the workers.

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There are many reasons for oil truck accidents in Texas, a large amount of oil is produced and transported by trucks. Sometimes the cause of oil truck accidents is not clear, it is important to understand the cause of the accident as it can help the injured victim in seeking worker’s compensation. The common causes of oil truck accidents are:

Driver Fatigue: Oil truck drivers generally drive for more hours than ordinary truck drivers. Working as an oil truck driver is relatively more profitable because the drivers can earn a lot of money if they work enough shifts. Moreover, the workers who transport petroleum are exempted from some mandatory rest break regulations and can drive for 12 hours without taking a 30-minute rest break.

All these factors provide high incentives as long as they can right up to or sometimes pass the breaking point. Undoubtedly, a tired driver can make more mistakes even if he is very well-trained and experienced.

Distracted Driver: Drivers are humans and can get distracted due to many reasons. The most common reason for drivers getting distracted are:

  • Using phone
  • Sunlight
  • Headlight
  • Moving objects occurring suddenly in front
  • Eating, drinking, or smoking

Inexperience or Poor Training: A fully loaded truck of oil carries a huge weight and can weigh more than 30 tonnes. Hence, a truck driver should be experienced and well-trained to maintain the vehicle. Sometimes truck companies are desperate for drivers to make a profit and they do not provide sufficient training. Nor do they conduct rigorous background checks or hire oil truck drivers who are inexperienced or have a history of safety violations or reckless behavior.

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Excessive Speeding: Speeding is a major cause of auto accidents, sometimes the oil truck drivers speed the heavy vehicle and it becomes hard to control it which leads to accidents. Oil truck drivers should be aware of the speed limit and shouldn’t exceed it.

Poor or dangerous road conditions: In Texas, where the oil industry is booming, poor roads are becoming a major issue. Many roads in Texas are not built for the transportation of heavy vehicles. In some rural areas, the roads are terrible and prone to accidents.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance: Oil trucks are bigger in size, carry a lot of weight, and also carry hazardous materials, hence the trucks should be well maintained and kept in excellent condition. Inspection, maintenance, and servicing should be done at regular intervals. Unfortunately, trucking companies frequently do not take care in this area as well to save time and money. Regular car maintenance and inspection are essential to preventing unsafe situations, and oil truck drivers frequently suffer as a result. Many oil truck accidents, involved brake systems that were faulty or insufficiently maintained.

Unstable Loads: Improper loading is usually considered a problem for conventional 18-wheel vehicles, and oil trucks are no exception.

Oil splashing in a partially filled tank can drastically change the handling of your truck. These so-called “fluid surges”, combined with the high center of gravity, make oil trucks particularly vulnerable to rollover accidents. Statistically, about four cargo tankers roll over in the United States every day.


Unfortunately, if your oil truck meets with an accident, remain calm and handle the situation.

  • Move the vehicle to the side of the road and switch on the hazard lights.
  • Check if you or others involved in the accident are injured.
  • In case anyone is bleeding, try t stop the bleeding.
  • If injuries occur, call the nearest urgent care center.
  • Keep the injured people calm and tell them help is on the way.
  • If it is an emergency, do not move the victim until help comes.

Oil truck drivers are more at risk on the roadways in Texas if you meet with an accident and need urgent care services, visit Specialty Care Clinics for professional medical care, or call us immediately at 469-545-9983.

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