Working in the oilfield is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and these jobs can cause catastrophic and fatal injuries. And drilling oil may create many potential hazards and many tragic accidents. There is high use of electricity and fuel in the oil field to run the machines and a tiny spark is enough to explore the site.

Oilfield accidents


Fires: Fire is the number one threat that leads to explosion because the oil field industry stores a huge amount of oil. As we all know oil and products which are made of oil will be highly flammable and it really takes a small spark to explode and put all oil field workers in danger. Workers must be cautious enough to avoid any kind of sparks and fires and should not use welding tools near the oil objects.

Negligence: Negligence is one of the most common causes which leads to oil explosions. Some of the oil field companies put the workers at serious risk of injury when they get in a hurry, and sometimes they see profit over safety.

Inexperienced workers: Everyone or anyone can’t do oilfield work, because it requires a particular experience or training to work safely. But when the company requires a huge amount of workers, unfortunately sometimes oil companies take people who are not qualified to be workers in a particular field. And these inexperienced workers are not so aware of particular safety procedures, guidelines, rules, and regulations, and also some of them are unaware of the right use of equipment, tools, or any other types of machinery this kind of negligence has the probability of injuries.


Oil field employee fatigue: Working in the oil field feels exhausting sometimes, when employees spend 12 or more hours in work, there are high chances for workers to make mistakes which can result in an explosion.

Inadequate safety procedures: when any of the employees or workers in the oil field doesn’t follow the strict rules and regulations or procedures made for workers’ safety, injuries can occur.

Defective oilfield equipment: Although the company takes care of all the machinery and tools to as not create any kind of injury, defective equipment can still cause fires, explosions, or blowouts.

Blowouts: When the pressure control system fails, the uncontrolled release of oil and gas can cause blowouts. When the rig applies too much pressure while drilling or grinding or erupts in the pool of underground oil can lead to blowouts.

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Slips and falls: One bad slip or false is enough to break a leg or shoulder. And depending on how severe the injury is, a worker can lose his job because of the fact that he or she will not be able to do the work.
Falling object: if a piece of the object falls on a worker, it can cause a significant injury because generally, things in oil fields are heavy. That’s why the oil field site should be well maintained and should inspect daily to avoid this kind of injury.
Poor training: Poor training of workers also contributes to oil field injuries. Workers in the oilfield need very particular and good training to work, In case a company or worker fails to give proper training it can create a very serious problem for both company and the worker.

injured workers


  • Providing proper training
  • Giving clarity about the role and responsibilities of a worker
  • Proper planning of daily tasks
  • Following company guidelines and safety procedures
  • Wearing safety helmets, glows, and shoes that are made for safety purposes
  • Giving hundred percent attention to the work
  • Avoiding unnecessary talks while working
  • Enquiring the condition of machinery pieces of equipment before starting the work
  • Maintaining good hygiene on the work site to avoid any kind of slips and falls
  • Avoiding cell phones, headphones, or any other electronic devices without permission
  • Avoid using alcohol, any kind of drugs or cigarettes, or any flammable things on the work site


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All field explosions or accident doesn’t only affect workers’ life but also does a bad impact on human life. because of the explosion, there are high chances of damage to the respiratory, immunity decreases, high rate of cancer, liver damage, and reproductive damage. And both surface and underground explosions affect the potential of soil and underground water. Because of the chemicals which can harm the air to the human body, explosions have many dark sides. And environmental experts are reporting some long-term damages which can occur from oil explosions such as air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution. Also see life is in danger because of the explosions, Fish, sea birds or any other marine animals are dying by poison or suffocation. Some of the research on oil spills tells that the bad chemicals of the explosions remain in the ocean for years. And precaution is the key to all problems, so by maintaining safety procedures, workers can save their own lives as well as others.

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