If you had an accident your body is shivering, you are frantic, it is not a fun time for anyone. Whether you are on a side of fault or not, first and foremost try to get focused, do not divulge anything as it relates to complications later. So start the next procedures like getting a kind of third-party orbiter involved I.e the police.

There will be so many people at the accident scene like bystanders, pedestrians, and victims so everyone has a responsibility towards the incident. So let’s see what is the responsibility of bystanders and victims.

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Car accident

As a bystander –

Have you ever wondered what to do when you come up on the scene of a car accident? The first thing that you need to do is park your vehicle (if you have a vehicle) at least 100 feet back from the car crash, this allows for ambulances and police officers to get near the victims. Also, turn your hazard lights on and if you have any flares or other emergency lights make sure that the scene is safe and that you mark the scene off so that the injured victims and yourself do not get further injured. Next thing is to call the emergency number. If it is safe for you to approach the victim go ahead and do so, you may need to approach from the passenger side but if it is safe go ahead and go up to the driver’s side where the victim is, The only time you would ever move victim is if there is an immediate threat such as fire, explosion or maybe a victim has been ejected and they are phased down in the water. When you approach the victim, provide supportive care, and let them know that you are there until the ambulance arrives or the police. Please be available for them until the professionals come. You are playing a role as a supporter, so when you see injuries, your role is not to treat the injuries unless it’s something such as a bleeding wound, take a clean towel and compress the wound. And be careful if the patient doesn’t have a head wound, there could be an underlying skull fracture so do that lightly. If the victim is feeling cold or if he needs protection from the sun then you can give him a blanket.

car accident victims

If the victim‘s vehicle is still running, you can ask the victim if they were awake and comfortable to put the car in park and then also turn the ignition off. If they are not able to do that you can do that yourself if you feel comfortable and if you are able to do thing. Also if a patient is not breathing, you may attempt to do rescue if you feel comfortable doing that and if you know how to do that.

Don’t forget to take photos of the vehicles, any injuries, and the accident scene. As a bystander stay calm and get to safety, call the police and file a report, exchange essential information, get witness contact information, don’t admit fault or agree not to report.

Once the professionals arrive let them take over and remember You Are in a supportive role. do not move the victim and keep yourself safe.

As a victim –

Stay calm and call the police and give the exact location of the accident and advise if medical help is needed, then if your vehicle is not heavily damaged, move yourself to a safe location away from traffic. Once You’re safe, contact your insurance agent, They will advise you on collecting the information you need and starting the claims process.

Record the facts about the accident, This will be important in determining fault and settling your claim. Take note of all vehicles involved in the accident including make and model and license plate numbers. Describe the damage to each and if possible take photos. Record the names of other drivers and gather their contact information.

Exchange your insurance information with the other drivers, collect the name and telephone number of your insurance company, but don’t give specific details about your coverage. Gather contact information from any witnesses to the accident, including passengers in the other vehicles. Also, take notes of any property damage caused by the accident and get photos, if possible. Most importantly, do not admit fault. Whether you are the reason for the accident or not, the statements you give now can be used against you later so just stick to the facts and be conscious about everything. And don’t forget your insurance agent or Representatives of your company will be there to guide you on every step from the way to reporting and settling the claim. Their job is to get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

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