The only thing more annoying as well as the main concern than getting wounded athletes or others who lead active lifestyles is investing time and money only to have a doctor advise them to stop running and take some painkillers. But there is always a chance of getting hurt whether you join a gym or a playing field. To avoid this, look for a medical professional that has experience treating athletes and keeping them mobile.

Physical medicine and pain management are two of the specialties of physiatrists. By the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, physiatrists are also board-certified. The musculoskeletal system, which consists of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, is one type of injury that they frequently deal with. They have a thorough knowledge of how the body functions and cooperates as a whole, as opposed to focusing on treating only one organ or part of the body. It’s crucial to find a doctor who has experience treating a variety of ailments because of this. On occasion, they can identify and classify injuries that other medical professionals might overlook.

Finding a doctor who can assist you in creating a treatment plan that is appropriate for you when a diagnosis is made is crucial. Physiatrists have a reputation for creating personalized treatment plans and paying attention to patients’ needs.

Don’t want to get surgery? Physical therapists concentrate on non-operative treatment since it is less invasive than surgery and less strenuous on the body. Instead, the doctor will collaborate with you to help your body heal naturally through workout regimens tailored to your particular situation. And finally, physiatrists frequently collaborate with other medical professionals, such as physical therapists. This is a benefit because it’s normal to have multiple experts advise you on the best strategy to resume your activities!

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A doctor with a focus on physical medicine and rehabilitation is known as a physiatrist (PM&R). The spinal cord, back, brain, ligaments, nerves, joints, bones, and tendons are just a few of the ailments he treats. Psychiatrists complete a 4-year residency program in their chosen specialty after completing their standard medical training, which aids in their specialization. When pain, incapacity, or weakness are restricting motion or function, consulting a physiatrist should be the initial course of action. The doctor assists the patient in strengthening their deficits while also maximizing their functional abilities. Physiatrists serve as consultants and provide outpatient and inpatient care. It’s important to know that they provide non-surgical therapy options.

Physiatrist provides treatment in various fields.

Physiatrists should be the first choice sought when suffering from any kind of impairment, including congenital disabilities, muscular pain, strained movement, or any problem affecting daily bodily functionality, as they specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions.

A physiatrist should be consulted by anyone who has sustained any kind of injury, including sports-related injuries, diseases, or conditions that restrict movement. Arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, spinal cord injuries, fractures, muscular dystrophy, and other disorders are among the illnesses that physiatrists specialize in.

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Are you still a little unclear about the right time to schedule a visit with a Penn Sports Medicine doctor? It could be time to do so if any of the following statements apply to you.

  • Acute Injury :- If you’ve recently been hurt, we can help you figure out exactly what was hurt and if you’ll recover more quickly with surgery or not.
  • Chronic Injury :- With the right rehabilitation, long-lasting wounds and sore spots frequently get better or go away. We can locate and fix any biomechanical issues or training mistakes that are impeding your performance.
  • Injury Prevention :- We’ll help you avoid getting hurt at future races and events by helping you understand why you got hurt, rather than just what got hurt.
  • Performance Enhancement :- We can connect you to a team of experts, including physical therapists, registered dietitians, podiatrists, and more, to provide a thorough and well-rounded approach and maximize your athletic potential, whether you are just beginning a new fitness program or wish to take your abilities to the next level.

Got hurt when doing sports, there’s no need to become confused. To schedule an appointment and talk with a sports injury specialist, call Specialty Care Clinics at (469) 545-9983.

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