Appendicitis Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


The problem of appendicitis is spreading very fast especially in children. Apart from this, it is worth noting here that stomach disease mainly affects people between the ages of 31 to 40. These figures are really quite shocking, and they also confirm how little information about the appendix is among the people.

Therefore, people should be aware of this disease so that they can get their treatment done properly.

From this point of view, you should read this article till the end because in this we have tried to give necessary information related to the Appendix in it.

appendicitis pain


The appendix is a small and thin tube, 5 to 10 cm in length and attached to the large intestine.

This disease mainly occurs due to an upset stomach, which is treatable in the initial stage itself.

Inflammation of the appendix is called Appendicitis. Appendicitis starts due to pain in the central part of the abdomen and this pain can spread to other parts of the body after some time.


Like any other disease, appendix also has some symptoms, which indicate the onset of appendix.

Therefore, if a person sees these 5 symptoms, then he should be alert immediately and his treatment should be started-

  • Sudden pain in the lower abdomen– This is a pain in the lower abdomen of a person in the appendix.
    Due to the sudden occurrence of this pain, the person is not able to remain alert to it.
    But, this colic can be reduced by taking simple pain relievers.
  • Constipation– If a person has a complaint of constipation, then he should get his stomach examined immediately because it can be a symptom of appendix.
  • Swelling on the abdomen– Many times there is swelling on the stomach of a person due to appendix.
    Although it can be cured by hot and warm compressing, but any step should be taken only after consulting a doctor.
  • Loss of appetite– There are some people who complain every time that they do not feel like eating anything.
    Such people must get their health checked because loss of appetite can cause appendix.
  • Pain while urinating- Another symptom of appendix is pain while urinating.
    Generally, it should not be mistaken for a urinary tract infection as it can also be caused by the appendix.


Appendix can be due to many main reasons, some of which are as follows-

  • Eating unwholesome food– Appendix is mainly affected by those people who eat unwholesome food.
    Therefore, all people should take special care of their diet and stomach pain should not be ignored as it can also take a serious form.
  • Infection in the body- The disease of appendix can sometimes be due to infection in the body.
    That is why a person should seek medical help and act according to the advice of the doctor.
  • Blockage in the appendix gland – If there is a blockage in the appendix gland, there can be a disease of the appendix.
    In such a situation, medical help may be required.
  • Deep wound – Sometimes appendix can also be due to injury.
    Often, a person gets an internal injury, which he may not be aware of for a long time.
    This condition can result in an appendix.
  • Presence of tumor– The possibility of this appendix is more in the person who is suffering from any kind of tumor.
    Therefore, by treating the tumor, it reduces the chances of appendix.

appendicitis pain location


This question is important for every person who is suffering from appendix.

Since he has to deal with a lot of problems due to this, it is better to get it treated as soon as possible.

Such people will be happy to know that they can get rid of appendix by adopting these 5 methods –

  • Getting a blood test– This is the common method of treating appendix, through which its position in the body of a person suffering from appendix is detected.
  • Getting a urine test- Apart from doing a blood test, doctors also do a urine test to treat the appendix.
    Through the urine test, the changes in urine due to this disease are detected and the methods of its treatment.
  • Adopting a healthy diet– As explained above, this disease is also caused due to unhealthy food.
    Therefore, for this you should also adopt a healthy diet.
  • Taking antibiotic medicine– Appendix disease can also be caused by bacteria or virus.
    For this reason, taking antibiotic medicine can also prove to be a better option in its treatment.
  • Appendix surgery- When a person suffering from appendix does not get relief in any way, then doctors recommend him to undergo surgery.
    In this situation, appendectomy surgery is done, in which the appendix is removed medically.


Certainly, appendectomy surgery is a beneficial procedure, through which the appendix can be successfully treated, but still, like any other procedure, this surgery also has its risks, which is important to be aware of.

If a person has recently undergone appendectomy surgery or is planning to undergo appendectomy surgery in future, he may face the following risks-

  • Bleeding – It is normal to have some degree of bleeding after appendix surgery, but sometimes it can be excessive, which can lead to a serious condition.
    Although, this condition can be reduced by taking some precautions, but still everyone should try not to go through this situation.
  • Wounds- Some people may have deep wounds after appendectomy surgery.
    They may need medical help in such a situation.
  • Stomach infection– It has often been seen that some people get stomach infection after this surgery.
    However, this condition can be alleviated with medical help.
  • Red spots on the abdomen– If a person has recently undergone appendix surgery, then after this surgery, he may have red spots on his stomach.
    In this condition, the doctor gives the person to apply the cream, through which these spots can be cured.
  • Abdominal pain– Some people may have abdominal pain after having appendix surgery.
    This problem can be cured by stomach medicine.


Undoubtedly, the disease of appendix is being seen in most people and they also have to face many risks due to it, but despite all this, it is a matter of relief.

Like any other disease, prevention of appendix is also possible.

If a person adopts these 5 methods, then he can prevent appendix-

  • Eating high fiber food– It is believed that food has a direct effect on our health.
    This seems to be true in the context of the appendix because it is also caused by the consumption of unhealthy food.
    Therefore, if a person consumes healthy food (especially fiber-rich) then he can reduce the chances of appendix to a great extent.
  • Exercising – Like any other disease, exercise can prove to be a better option for the treatment of appendix.
    Through exercise, the muscles of a person become strong and along with it it also increases immunity.
  • Do not take too much stress– Stress can also be the cause of many diseases. This is also the case with the appendix.
    Many times it has been found that this disease occurs in most people who take a lot of stress.
    Thus all people should manage stress, so that they can be physically as well as mentally healthy.
  • Taking Supplements– If it is not possible for a person to exercise then he can also take supplements.
    These supplements provide the necessary energy to his body, so that he can recover quickly from any disease.
    But, it should be kept in mind by all people that they must consult a doctor before consuming any supplement, so that they do not have any side effects on their health.
  • Getting regular health checkup– This is the most important thing, which should be followed by all the people.
    Every person should get his health checked regularly to confirm that he is completely healthy.
    As we all know that many health related problems are spreading in the present time, due to which many people are suffering. These also include the appendix. In earlier times, this problem was considered to be an incurable disease and for this reason people could not get it treated properly, but now it can be treated well.

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