More people would succeed in losing weight and keeping it off if weight loss was as easy as reducing calorie-dense foods. Most diet programs use a method that ignores crucial factors that are necessary for long-term weight loss.


Dieting typically results in short-term weight loss, followed by later weight gain (often in the form of extra pounds). Because of this unfortunate reality, most individuals experience a pattern of going on and off diets throughout their lives without ever successfully losing weight permanently.

Our method is distinctive here at Specialty Care Clinics and is aware that calorie restriction alone won’t help one maintain a healthy weight. We provide flexible weight loss programs with various phases, including a weight maintenance plan, to assist patients in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Here are a few of the reasons why most other diets for losing weight don’t work :

Weight loss meal plan

Reason 1 : Many diets are unsupported by science

The usual weight loss program exclusively depends on the oversimplified formula that says burning more calories than you consume equals weight loss. While calorie restriction is required to lose weight, a variety of other factors also contribute to weight loss and maintenance.

Sustained weight loss calls for more than simply willpower. The scientific technique entails analyzing your unique physiology, balancing hormones that are essential to weight loss, and instilling in you lifelong healthy behaviors.

Reason 2 : A lot of diets demand that you go it alone

Without assistance, losing weight is like trying to climb a mountain without any tools. However, most diets simply tell you what to do without giving you the encouragement to follow through. To achieve and sustain your weight loss objectives, you need the right tools and professional support for permanent weight loss. When dieters are supported, they considerably lose more weight than when they are on their own.

The weight loss program includes weekly group meetings where you’ll get knowledgeable, supportive assistance every step of the way. The weight loss coaches offer structure, responsibility, and guidance for creating better habits while managing daily life. When you need assistance with meal planning or exercising on a schedule, you’ll have someone to turn to.

Reason 3 : Few diet plans include physician monitoring

The standard diet regimen doesn’t include any medical oversight. A vital part of an effective weight loss program is having a doctor who specializes in weight loss keep an eye on your health while you’re losing weight. The following are the key justifications for why medical supervision is essential.

  • Taking care of comorbid conditions :- High blood pressure, insulin resistance, and other disorders are common co-occurring conditions in persons who are overweight or obese. In order to ensure your health while you lose weight, a physician keeps an eye on your condition and, if necessary, can change your medication.
  • Handling of symptoms :- An essential part of losing weight is controlling symptoms so you don’t stray. A plan to deal with these symptoms is developed, so they don’t undermine your attempts to lose weight, whether you’re feeling tired, hungover, seeking food, irritable, or headache-prone.
  • Assessment of the metabolism :- Finding the underlying metabolic problems that prevent you from losing weight. Even the finest weight loss efforts can be hampered by hormonal imbalances, which can range from low levels of hormones that warn the brain you’re full to high levels of hormones that encourage fat accumulation. Reaching your weight loss objectives might be made easier by recognizing and correcting these problems.

Exercise for weight loss

Reason 4 : Most diets are transient

The typical diet plan places more of an emphasis on losing weight than it does on providing strategies for maintaining weight reduction after the diet is completed. As we are aware that diets are temporary. The only way to permanently lose weight is to make healthy lifestyle choices. The structured program contains a maintenance component that positions you for long-term success while also assisting you in forming habits and acquiring skills that will help you maintain your weight reduction long after the diet is ended.

Reason 5 : Most diets don’t include access to medication

Another reason why most diets fail is that there aren’t enough medicine options. Despite your best efforts, diet and exercise alone can be insufficient. Using FDA-approved drugs to speed up weight loss and aid in achieving a healthy weight can be an option.

Your particular situation will determine the kind of medication he recommends. Some drugs lessen hunger, making it simpler to follow a low-calorie diet, while others prevent your body from absorbing particular nutrients like fat. For those who struggle to lose weight by diet and exercise alone, weight loss medication can be a useful tool.

To reduce the chances of failure in a weight loss program consult an expert at Specialty Care Clinics and get started with the right approach. Call (469) 545-9983 for an appointment.

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