Recent statistics show that among motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. rear-end collisions are the most common. There are approximately 1.75 million rear-end collision cases every year and people are far more likely to get injured (28%) rather than end up in fatalities (5%). These types of crashes cause an array of injuries like whiplash, broken limbs, seat belt injuries, etc. that we will discuss further in this blog.

Rear-end accidents can cause serious injuries. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 87 percent of rear-end collisions happened because of a distracted driver. This is by far the leading cause of this type of crash.

Auto accident injury


According to Insurance Information Institute (III), there are three types of most common car accidents :

  • Rear-end collisions (30%)
  • Angle collisions (25%)
  • Sideswipe collisions (8%)

Many injuries developed from rear-end accidents- some cause immediate symptoms and some might produce delayed symptoms. Here are some of the injuries that can happen due to rear-end car accidents :


About 85 percent of injuries are related to the neck in rear-end car accidents. Due to sudden forceful movement of the head, neck muscles can get injured and cause pain. This type of pain is known as whiplash or Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) injury. It is recommended to start the treatment as soon as possible because many people with this injury never fully recover. And, if left untreated, whiplash can develop into chronic pain or stiffness.

Traumatic brain injury and head trauma

Common conditions that are included in traumatic brain injury are concussions, comas, brain bruising or bleeding, and puncture wounds. In addition to these, head trauma may involve severe injuries like a cracked skull or disfigurement. If head trauma injuries are left untreated, it can lead to permanent mental and physical disabilities, loss of body function and control, and decreased brain function. Mostly, these types of injuries prove to be life-threatening injuries.

Internal organ damage

Internal organs are fragile, and injuries that happen internally can cause other symptoms too if not treated on an urgent basis. Ligamentous attachments in the aorta, liver, spleen, etc. are in particular susceptible to injuries in this situation. It is recommended to always see a doctor in this situation to avoid a life-threatening condition. After that, call a lawyer to protect your right to compensation as delayed action can create problems in recovery of damage.

Broken bones

If during a car collision, your body is thrown against the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or window, or if you get hit by flying debris in the crash, you may get fractured or broken bones. Mostly, during rear-end car accidents bones around the pelvis (hip), ribs, clavicle (collar bone), femur (thigh bone), fibula, and tibia (shin bones), as well as wrist and hands bones.

Rear-end car accidents


There are many factors that can cause rear-end accidents to happen. But, negligence can be the main factor. Some frequent causes are :

  • Tailgating (following too closely)
  • Changing lane unsafely
  • Driving recklessly, such as excessive speeding
  • Failure to adjust to road conditions (for example; going too fast on slick roads)
  • Driving after drinking alcohol
  • Texting while driving
  • Other forms of distracted driving
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Defective auto parts
  • Improper vehicle maintenance
  • Incomplete vehicle repairs

Whatever the case is, seeing the doctor is always recommended for proper diagnosis of potential risks. After starting the treatment, you should call a lawyer for full recovery of compensation.

Start as soon as you get injured for quick recovery as well as for maintenance of better reports for auto insurance compensation. Call Specialty Care Clinics at (469) 545-9983 for treatment of auto-accident-related injuries.

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