If conservative treatment is not effective in treating back or neck pain, it’s time to see a spine surgeon. Chronic pain greatly affects your life. In particular, pain can cause problems if you have a spinal condition like osteoporosis, scoliosis, or deformities due to injuries. A spine surgeon can alleviate the discomfort that keeps you from doing the things you love. Below are some signs that indicate you should visit a spine surgeon.

Back pain treatment

Spinal deformity :- Spinal deformities are common such as scoliosis. From minor to severe, scoliosis can affect daily life, mobility, and flexibility. Adults may experience this as a result of conditions like arthritis or spinal injuries. Whatever your condition is, visit a spine specialist to get relief. Early treatment for these deformities may include back braces and physical therapy. For advanced stages, surgery is the best option.

Accident Injury :- Some patients are born with spinal issues, while others get them after a car accident or similar event. An orthopedic spine surgeon can recommend proper treatment. In some cases, spine surgery can also reduce the length of your back discomfort and stop long-term nerve damage from occurring.

You can’t do anything because of your pain :- If your back pain interferes with your daily life, visit a spine specialist. They can evaluate and identify the cause of your pain and recommend a minimally invasive procedure to get rid of it.

You experience pain frequently :- Many people with spinal problems are in constant pain. A spine surgeon can help you if you are suffering from constant pain for unknown reasons.

Physical therapy for back pain

You have weakness or numbness in arms or legs :- Your arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes may feel weak, numb, or tingly. This could be a sign that your lower back (lumbar region) is having a problem. This is due to the fact that the nerves that link these body parts to your brain go through your spine and may become compressed when they connect your brain to the arms or legs. Depending on the reason, the issues may resolve over time. A spine specialist can help identify the underlying cause of these symptoms and prescribe treatments that give relief. If nerve damage is left untreated, it can lead to permanent disability.

You’re no longer flexible or mobile :- Your mobility may eventually become restricted regardless of whether you have a back injury from an accident or you had back issues before. Although you lose some flexibility with age, you lose mobility quickly if you have back problems. Some situations require surgery, otherwise, the doctor will recommend some exercises or physical therapy.

Your condition is getting worse with time :- Non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy, exercises, and meditation are used for patients with progressive conditions. If that doesn’t help, the doctor may recommend surgery.

Consult our specialists if you have severe back pain or spinal issues. They will guide you and recommend treatment after properly diagnosing your condition. They specialized in treating back injuries and abnormalities.

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