Sending messages from your mobile is the most favorite hobby of today’s teenagers. They want to share every little thing with their friends. They not only share sorrows and sorrows through this, they also keep on laughing and joking. Every other moment they have something to say. But this hobby is now taking the form of a disease, the danger of which they are often unaware of.

The problem caused by sending too many messages is called texting thumb syndrome. That is, it is causing problems in his thumb. Globally, about three million people suffer from this syndrome every year, the majority of them being teenagers.

With the advent of smartphones, problems have increased even more. Actually, their keyboards are so small that texting has to be done with the thumb itself. The result is texting thumb syndrome. Blackberry thumb, Nintendo thumb, iPod thumb, and repetitive thumb syndrome are all different names for the same problem. Initially, there is a slight pain in the thumb. But ignoring it makes the problem worse.


The problem of swelling or pain in the thumb due to giving more pressure is called the texting thumb. People who use mobile more and spend hours typing with mobile in their hands have more problems with texting thumb. Tendon muscles get damaged by typing for a long time. To avoid this problem, you can adopt some easy home remedies.

What is a texting thumb?

Experts suggest some remedies get relief from this. This includes rotating the thumb. Rotating it in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions reduces stiffness in the joint and also reduces pain. It is also beneficial to tie the thumb in soft cotton while sleeping at night. If a little break from texting is not taken in time, then thumb surgery can also be done.

If you are getting pain in your hand or thumb due to excessive phone usage, then you can adopt 5 easy home remedies-

Use turmeric to relieve thumb pain

  • You can also use turmeric to relieve thumb pain. Turmeric contains a good amount of curcumin as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric removes joint and muscle pain. You can mix turmeric in milk and apply it on the thumb with the help of cotton, it will remove the pain or you can also drink turmeric milk.

Cure texting thumb with apple cider vinegar for pain

  • We all know the benefits of apple cider vinegar, with the help of apple cider vinegar, you can solve the problem of texting thumb. If you apply apple cider vinegar on cotton and apply it on the thumb, then the pain will go away. Another way is that if you drink lukewarm water mixed with apple cider vinegar, then the pain will go away.

Cure for Texting Thumb

Use salt to cure thumb pain

  • You can use salt to relieve thumb pain or the problem of texting. Using salt provides relief from body pain or muscle pain. You fill lukewarm water in a bowl or deep vessel, now put salt in it. Dip the hand in this mixture for 15 to 20 minutes and massage the painful area with a light hand. By massaging and applying salt, the pain will go away. Salt is beneficial in relieving pain, it will remove the pain of the hand or thumb.

Ginger cures texting thumb

  • Ginger cures many diseases. You can use ginger in case of thumb pain. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which relieve pain. You can take ginger with hot water. You have to boil ginger in a cup of water and drink honey in that water, it will remove the pain in your thumb.

Apply ice for texting thumb problem

If there is a pain in the hand or thumb, you should compress it with ice. By applying ice, the muscles will relax and the pain will be less. You put an ice cube in a clean cotton cloth and massage it on the thumb with a light hand. You can massage with ice two to three times a day. You can also do hot compresses to cure pain in the thumb. This will improve the blood flow and relax the stiff muscles. You take light warm water and soak a cotton handkerchief in it and compress it on the painful area, then you will get relief.

Treatment for Texting Thumb

In this article, we have discussed easy home remedies that work when you have a texting thumb.

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