Injury to the back is fairly common, especially to the lower back. Any injury to the back’s muscles, nerves, connective tissue, joints, bones, or connective tissue can cause pain and suffering.

Every area of the back can be hurt, but the lower back is where most injuries occur. Sprains, strains, herniated discs, and vertebral fractures are common ailments. Depending on the origin of the accident and the extent of the damage, the injuries range in severity.

16 million Americans report having chronic back pain, while 65 million report having occasional back discomfort. You could feel hopeless in your search for an effective treatment for a back ailment.

Lower Spine Injuries


Severe back injuries can include fractures (broken bones), wounds, severe bruising, injury to your spinal cord, and harm to your internal organs.

Any of the following symptoms could point to a serious back injury. See a doctor right away if you have :

  • Breathing issues or shortness of breath issues passing stool or urinating issues (poo)
  • Arms, legs, hands, or feet that are numb or have pins and needles
  • Fever
  • Sparalysis
  • Urine with blood in it


Lower the pressure

Reducing pressure is one of the best things you can do to soothe pain after a back injury. Inflammation, a herniated disc, a torn muscle, and other conditions can all result in pressure.

While pressure and inflammation are not the only causes of back pain, they are frequently present. Although it might not completely alleviate your back discomfort, reducing pressure and inflammation can help.

Eat a balanced diet

Having a nutritious diet is vital whether or not you have back pain, but it’s much more crucial if you do. Foods that can promote inflammation should be avoided, such as processed foods.

Long-term back pain may develop in some patients with back injuries. An anti-inflammatory diet, such as those that include flax seeds, spinach, turmeric, and other foods, may provide comfort for these people.

Keep a healthy weight

Being physically active and eating well-balanced meals promote overall health. Moreover, these elements support keeping a healthy weight.

When patients with excess weight lose weight, their back discomfort frequently gets better. Losing weight is a crucial first step towards regaining your mobility if you are overweight.

Discover the best treatment strategy

Back injuries in patients differ from one another and cannot be treated in the same way. Hence, it’s crucial to choose the best course of treatment based on your injury, your way of life, and your recovery objectives.

Your treatment regimen might change as a result of the ongoing healing process. Your spine doctor can assist you in developing a strategy that works for you and position you for a speedy recovery.

It contains :

  • Physical Exercise
  • Operative Repair

back discomfortBoost Your Mobility

It’s critical to increase your mobility after a brief first time of rest. Weakened core muscles, stiffness, and increased pain can result from inactivity.

Gaining flexibility should be your first priority as you gradually increase your exercise endurance. Your spine surgeon at the Spine Center can assist you in developing a strategy to help you stand up again.

Compresses, both cold and hot

Using hot and cold compresses is another method for reducing inflammation. It’s crucial to deliberately combine cold and heat to encourage recovery. They shouldn’t be used more frequently than every 10 to 20 minutes.

Use a cold compress after sustaining an initial injury or engaging in strenuous activity to reduce tissue damage and inflammation. After 24 hours, a warm compress can be applied to ease sore muscles and encourage recovery.

Consult your doctor, at Specialty Care Clinics before beginning any type of exercise especially if you are prone to pain. Contact us at (469) 545-9983 to make an appointment.

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