The dwindling vulnerable and uncertain scenario of COVID 19


It is indeed high time for America to wake up as COVID scenarios are spiking once again. As COVID-19 cases have commenced entering across the US regime for the fifth time, the regulatory authorities are racing and pacing their way to ease restrictions. But at the same time, it is inevitable and indispensable for the United States residents at least to wear masks and follow the social distancing protocol. There is a dire need for scenario analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tragic scenario of COVID 19

It is high time to introspect about the most concrete and possible solution for the present scenario of COVID-19. Now let’s draw our attention to the territorial influence of COVID-19 while managing the pandemic crisis across levels of the government. The COVID-19 crisis has compelled the governments globally to the context of radical uncertainty and encountered complex trade-offs provided as far as the health, economic as well as social challenges surged and triggered through it. Within the first three months of 2020, the novel coronavirus emerged as a global pandemic phenomenon. Schools and universities remain closed in the springtime of 2020 for more than one billion students of all ages. Until November 2020, COVID-19 became contagious to almost all countries and adversely affected approximately 50 million people across the globe resulting in more than 1.25 million deaths. More than half of the world’s population has witnessed a massive bottleneck in the form of lockdown backed with stringent containment measures which were encountered for the first time in history that such remedial measures are applicable on such a massive scale. It is equally important to gauge and understand what is the news about COVID 19 today?

Ask yourself the true existence of COVID?

As far as the health and human tragedy of COVID-19 is concerned, it is now widely recognized that the pandemic triggered the major grave economic crisis of World War II. All economic sectors are influenced by dysfunctional global supply chains, weaker demand for imported goods as well as services, a drop in international tourism, a decline in business travel, and quite often a permutation and combination of all these factors and parameters at the same time. The most crucial question crops up daily in the minds of every individual across the globe is are there any new COVID 19 cases today?

Measures to contain the virus spread have hit SMEs, and entrepreneurs peculiarly hard and harsh to a considerable extent. Unemployment levels and the number of aid seekers have drastically augmented at times. Most of the countries exited virus containment measures to diminish the negative influence of the economic crisis only to witness a surging wave of cases in autumn 2020, jeopardizing recovery. The exit strategy from the crisis is not at all linear with available possible “stop and go” strategies, means, and measures of lockdowns until a treatment or vaccine, or cure was not available. We need to focus on the current situation in the world due to COVID 19 to combat the disease in a more structured and rational manner.

It is time for introspection of COVID Vaccine?

Since the feasibility of apt and suitable vaccines in 2021, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is significantly affecting life all around the world. Isolation, contact restrictions, and economic shutdown have compelled an all-pervasive transformation to the psychosocial environment in affected countries. These measures possess the inherent capability to threaten the mental health of children and adolescents to a considerable extent. Although the present moment crisis can infuse a lot of opportunities along with it for personal growth as well as maintaining family cohesion. The adverse effects are likely to surpass these benefits. Anxiety, lack of peer contact as well as reduced opportunities for stress regulation are the main fundamental issues and concerns. This is the ironic current situation in the world due to COVID 19 and its related influences are more adverse in particular.

Moreover, in addition to the main fundamental threat, there is an increased risk for parental mental illness and wellbeing, domestic violence as well as child maltreatment. Specifically for children as well as adolescents striving for special needs or disadvantages, such as disabilities, trauma experiences, already existing mental health problems, migrant background with low socioeconomic status, this scenario might peculiarly seem to be a challenging situation during this period. To maintain regular as well as emergency child and adolescent psychiatric treatment during the pandemic is the topmost challenge but at the same time, it is equally necessary for restricting long-term repercussions for the mental health of children and adolescents. Such a massive threat of the pandemic both in the physical as well as mental parameters require an intense scenario analysis of the COVID 19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has taught humanity a lot?

Urgent as well as prompt research questions consist of comprehending the mental health impact and influences of social distancing as well as economic pressure in identifying risk as well as resilience factors and parameters as well as safeguarding the long-term results consisting of but not limited to child maltreatment. The potential capability of telepsychiatry is another highly relevant concern to assess the efficacy of telehealth and rationalize its applications to the child as well as adolescent psychiatry. This is the current situation in the world due to COVID 19 which needs to be addressed and monitored by the health care professionals and specialists.


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has intensely influenced the lives of a global regime. Isolation, contact restrictions, as well as economic shutdown, caused a drastic modification to the psychological environment of affected countries. The present scenario has impacted children, adolescents, and their families in a different exceptional manner. Kindergartens, as well as schools, have been witnessing closure, social contacts have been strongly restricted and again out-of-home leisure time activities have been put on hold for a time being. Parents are being asked to assist their children with homeschooling, while at the same time encouraging working from home. External support by other allied family members as well as social support systems has collapsed to a considerable extent. Apart from anxieties and worries associated with COVID-19, the economic scenario has deteriorated owing to high and increasing levels of unemployment in all the affected countries. This economic crisis has exerted a substantial impact and pressure on children, adolescents as well as their families which could lead to considerable distress leading to a rise in mental health problems and violence. Hence the possible solutions for the present scenario of COVID-19 seems to be just beyond the invention of a mere vaccine. It requires much more strenuous endeavors and efforts on grounds of social and mental well-being as well.

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