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When the bones of the spinal cord are injured or ligaments are damaged that’s what we call spinal cord injury. When asn injury involves the spinal cord the flow of the messages between the brain and the rest of the body is interrupted or cut off; this interruption results in a decrease or a loss in movements below the level of the injury. The higher the level of the injury the more of the body is affected.

In most cases pain will be immediate. Symptoms can be different according to the cause of the injuries some the symptoms are:

  • You may experience Back pain.
  • You may feel burning in other parts of the body.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Weakness in the arms, legs, or both.
  • And you may feel numbness in the neck, shoulder, arms, hands, or legs.
  • Loss of coordination or difficulty walking.
  • Loss of fine motor skills.
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control.
  • Paralysis.
  • Tingling.
  • Loss of urethral, vaginal and rectal sensation.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • coughing, sneezing, or straining (Valsalva maneuvers)
  • Balance issues.
  • You may feel Pain or stiffness in your neck and upper and lower back.
  • Sciatic nerve pain.
  • Loss of feeling in feet.
  • Hand coordination difficulty.
  • You may feel a lack of coordination or weakness in any part of the body.

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Spinal injury


Car accidents

Car accidents are the most dangerous and can lead to severe spinal cord injury. And people under thirty four are in most of the cases registered for spinal cord injury. Car accidents take more than 32000 lives annually. Nationwide car accidents are the main cause for spinal cord injury.


It is not necessary to be older or younger, anyone can fall from the chair , anyone can misplace the step, anyone can faint and fall, or if you slip from the stairs it leads to spinal cord injury.

Gunshot Wounds

Gunshot wounds are the most dangerous conditions of spinal cord injuries because gunshot wounds can destroy your whole body immediately and it can even compress spinal cord which leads to a severe spinal cord injury.

Diving Injuries

Diving injuries means if the level of water is low while you are diving into water or if there is someone on your way in the water or any other sharp objects then injury occurs immediately and this kind of spinal cord injury is dangerous.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding in overspeed and without any protection can also cause a major accident.

Falling Objects

You may not concentrate much on falling objects in your daily life but falling from such objects can cause lifelong injuries. Like injuries in construction sites like falling rocks on workers, imbalance from the height, building collapse can directly damage the brain and spinal cord. In the construction industry falling objects are common. That’s why one should always maintain construction hats, jackets or other protections.

Medical and Surgical Complications

Doctors, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical experts are the people who are on the front line to fight against spinal cord injuries. These doctors can treat you and can help you to recover from spinal cord injuries, Medical care also has some dark side. Errors in medical care are common and these errors cause injuries.

Pedestrian Injuries

Motorists who ride in overspeed, or aggressively are the main cause for pedestrian injuries. And it is not just motorists putting people at risk, also pedestrians who get distracted by using phones, listening to music are contributing to pedestrian injuries.

Spinal cord injury



  • You may experience no sensation or motor control below the part of the injury.
  • Complete injury can result in paraplegia or tetraplegia.
  • You may feel loss of motion and sensation below the part of the injury.
  • Difficult to control bladder or bowel movements.
  • Patients may feel difficult to breath, if the injury is located around the cervical area.


  • Some unusual feeling below the part of the injury.
  • You are still able to send messages between the brain and body.
  • Incomplete injury is classified as partial paralysis.
  • Chronic pain below the injury.
  • You are still able to move muscles below the injury, depending on how severe the injury is.

Cervical: Cervical Injury means injury to the back of the neck which connects to the spinal cord. This affects the below part of the head.

Thoracic: Thoracic Injury means injury to the upper back of the spinal cord and it affects the body in the trunk downward.

Lumbar: Lumbar Injury means injury to the lower back. And this affects the body below the waist.

Sacral: Sacral Injury means injury in the bottom most portion of the spinal cord. And this affects loss of sensation around the hips.

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