Mental care and wellbeing


The COVID-19 Social distancing, as well as a self-isolated protocol, has been proved to be a challenging psychological period all across the globe. It has taken a mental toll on the all-pervasive mental tolerance and patience of each and every individual facing this pandemic crisis portraying a considerable psychological and mental health difference.

Mental care and wellbeing

The entire lock-down period when the whole family was compelled to be locked down inside their houses was an invitation to an amazing family timing and bonding. As the holiday season is quite of. At the same time this period proved to be a psychological as well as mental assessment of the patient and other individuals in the family. Although the pleasant family time was accompanied with the utmost joy as well as the year of contentment for the entire family. But at the same time notwithstanding visiting family, loved ones, as well as friends, it could be a taxing time that contributes additional stress, hassle, and anxiety. This social exposure leads to lots of vulnerabilities of conflicts. Quite often the loved ones ask well-intentioned or even targeted questions that can be triggering underlying causes and consequences. These repercussions are invasive or uncomfortable as well as dodging conversations can be felt as overwhelming as to those who are experiencing such intense emotions. Peculiarly individuals who are specifically introverts find these social interactions quite an irritating and intimidating experience for those people who are inherently introverts. This triggered a crucial question that is psychological and mental health the same.

It is inevitably essential as well as indispensable to ask this question. Whether people can prepare themselves for these delicate conversations. And at the same time set boundaries for themselves as well as their kith and kin? Research analysts and prudent professors at Birmingham School of Education’s Counseling program share some insights and hacks that individuals, especially introverts can apply as they strive to set meaningful as well as realistic boundaries for better understanding and establishment of boundaries in relationships and conflict management.

Majorly people face a tough time in establishing healthy boundaries in relationships for maintaining sound psychological and mental health care. And consequent to the lockdown holiday season exacerbates that emotional sentiment intensely. What would be your opinion, perspective, or professional advice when you encounter people who are struggling with building up boundaries. Whether it be taking a triggering conversation off the table, questions about relationship status, dealing with inner personal insecurities about food consumption at holiday meals, and so on?

Organize psychological and mental health first aid for all

The establishment of boundaries in relationships with loved ones can be complex. Before attending an event or engaging yourself in an emotional situation or circumstance in a relationship where you may think and perceive that you seem to build an assertive boundary. Act upon some reflections on what specific line you would like to withdraw and how you might think to proceed about it. Psychological and mental health first aid for all is the dire need of the hour in the wake of the pandemic normal.

As the whole world is encountering psychological distress and mental health concerns it is essential to self-introspect and intervene in inner conflicts rather than focusing on outer problems.You might be wanting to write and chalk out and adopt as well as practice a few of the short assertive statements that express your clear boundaries. While it might sound tempting quite often to strive hard to beat around the bush or adopt the sugarcoat or buttering strategy in your endeavors at the establishment of healthy boundaries. These out-of-the-box efforts need not be manipulative in nature rather the motto must be to make your relations less upsetting for the other person. It really is commendable to maintain boundary statements short, respectful, trustworthy, clear, and straightforward. Psychological wellbeing and mental health is an inherent birth right for every human being. This must be duly acknowledged, recognized and realized by every individual as well as health professionals.

For instance, you could comment something like “I can, this is important to you, but this aspect is not my priority in openly discussing at this time”. Or “I appreciate your concern and care for my health but the health tip conversations about how much food I should consume or should not intake are totally personal between me and my health professional.Thus psychological and mental health must become your priority.

Low Self Esteem, guilt as well as boundary setting go hand in hand. How can a person absolve themselves of such sentiments even while knowing that they are safeguarding their own interests and motives? Manipulation begets manipulation. It is crucial to remember that you need to become assertive neither aggressive nor submissive. It is significant to consider and remember that a person’s response and reaction to your boundary is not reflective of whether the boundary is healthy or required. Whether it portrays or exhibits that individual’s inner emotional conflict or personal sentimental struggle in that situation psychological wellbeing and mental health should not be compromised under any circumstances.

Is Psychological and mental health the same

Is psychological and mental health the same? This can be understood well by this example.Whenever an individual responds unfairly or rudely to an established and formed relationship boundary that you know is a healthy one. Then you are required to practice and adopt some positive self-talk mechanisms as well as affirmations by recalling yourself time in again. That it is always a brave and necessary step to establish healthy boundaries in relationships as and when required. Healthy adults take due care and diligence of their own emotional needs when it comes to psychological aspects in their relationships. Sound as well as optimistic persons have a high level of emotional quotient which leads to reflection of substantial empathy, sympathy, love, and understanding in their relationships which have clear boundaries by default in their thought process and actions for better psychological wellbeing and mental health

If you take proper care and diligence about your psychological and mental health care, then you tend to become healthy in the right perspective. Even if you have a poor emotional quotient you can still practice empathy for the other person in a relationship by recalling yourself that someone who is upset or feels low in acceptance of healthy boundaries is more prone to having some unhealthy as well as toxic relationships in their lives. They are encountering massive emotional turbulence and inner conflict even during the lockdown holidays and their response to the other person in the relationship is just simply an example or reflection of their own pain. This can reduce psychological distress and mental health issues to a considerable extent.

How can people who are uncomfortable and struggle with setting and building up boundaries as well as verbalizing their requirements approach complicated conversations with their very own loved ones to attain psychological wellbeing and mental health?

For balancing your psychological and mental health care, time in and again short, clear, as well as straightforward statements, are commendable in saving and nurturing your relationships. Moreover, addressing and managing conflicts at a personal and professional level is being proactive towards your mental health needs.

Work on your psychological distress and mental health

These psychological and mental health first aid for all in the form of assertive statements which actually build boundaries through the means of interpersonal communication are:

  • That is not something which I am open and comfortable in discussing today
  • Whether it is fine, can we discuss these things later suiting my comfort and emotional state of mind?

Such psychological and mental health differences with the use of rational phrases having clear communication and transparency can go a long way forward in communicating where your boundary exists and lies. In certain circumstances where repeated endeavors to withdraw healthy boundaries are composed and a loved one continues to surpass that established boundary or line in the relationship. Then it might be perfect to plan forward to restrict the quantum of time in situations that consist of individuals or to gracefully exit the event and emotional circumstances if it becomes a cropping problem in the relationship in the present moment for perfect psychological wellbeing and mental health


The COVID 19 repercussion in the form of self-isolation and social distancing was an unanticipated event beyond the imagination and belief systems of psychologists. This crisis event has emphasized unknown psychological and mental health differences . People were dying on the physical front but time in and again similarly on a mental and psychological frontier this pandemic was a sudden turbulent storm that caused a lot of emotional turmoil to the mental health and minds of the masses across the globe. But from an optimistic perspective, every dark cloud has a silver lining. This pandemic would personify as well as signify the value of human relations as well as bonding and considering mental health equally important in conjunction with your physical alongwith psychological well being and mental health.

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