Accidents at work can cause many problems. You would like to know if my injury is covered by worker’s compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance covers many injuries, but there are some exceptions to be aware of. Worker’s Compensation insurance does not cover some types of accidents.

Workers' Compensation In Texas


Workers’ compensation insurance does not cover injuries that occur outside the scope of your course or employment. In order for workers’ compensation benefits to apply, the injured victim must have been injured at work.

Accidents outside of work are not covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Other injuries, such as injuries while commuting or being drunk while on the job, are not covered by industrial accident insurance.


Below are some of the injuries and situations that are not covered by workers’ compensation.

Minor Injuries:- Some injuries get healed only with first aid. You don’t need to see a doctor and you may recover in a few days. Minor injuries that do not require medical attention are not covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Intoxication:- If the injury happens because of the employee doing any kind of intoxication on his own, the loss cannot be claimed by workers’ compensation insurance. Alcohol or drug addiction can prevent victims from receiving compensation for their losses.

Unreported Injuries:– To receive workers’ compensation insurance, you must report that an injury has occurred. Too many victims are uninsured because their injuries go unreported. Each federal state has a deadline for how long an injured person must record an accident.

The drive to work:– Accidents during commuting are not covered by work accident insurance. If you are injured while driving, walking, biking, or using public transportation to commute, workers’ compensation does not cover the injury. However, if the work involves travel, injuries incurred by the employer during the travel are covered.

Self-employed:– Self-employed people cannot claim workers’ compensation. Comprehensive liability insurance is available. However, as a general rule, self-employed people do not participate in workers’ compensation schemes.

Independent Contractors:– Like the self-employed, independent contractors are not covered by worker’s compensation. However, the title your employer gives you does not necessarily determine whether you are an employee or an independent contractor. You can look more closely at the nature of your work to determine your actual employment status and whether you are an employee or an independent contractor.

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Recreational Activities:– Employers may sponsor happy hours and company picnics. They may have a Christmas party. These activities are not eligible for employee compensation. Recreational activities are not part of the workers’ compensation plan.

Lunch Break Injuries:- Injuries that occur during lunch breaks may or may not be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Even if you are staying at the diner, accidents may be insured. However, if you go out during your lunch break, you may not be covered by workers’ compensation.

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