Wrist Pain Relief: Essential Methods for Treatment and Prevention

Wrist pain is a common problem. Whenever there is a sprain or fracture in the wrist, the pain starts. At the same time, people also start coming up with other problems which can affect the wrist functions. But these are not the only reasons behind wrist pain.

Wrist pain can affect anybody from young adults to senior citizens. It is very important to know the causes of wrist pain, so you can prevent it if possible.

There can be 5 reasons behind the pain in the wrist, know the symptoms and treatment to get rid of it today.

Let us tell you that due to some serious problems like arthritis, repeated pressure on the wrist, which causes pain in the wrist.

How To Treat And Prevent Wrist Pain?


  • Ganglion cyst – When a lump is formed in the wrist or something thick starts emerging on the hand, it is called a ganglion of the wrist. This lump is not cancerous and there is a lot of pain in this lump due to the compression of nerves.
  • CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – This syndrome develops when pressure on the median nerve increases. When this nerve passes through the carpal tunnel, which leads to the palm of the wrist, the pressure builds up.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – In this condition, when pain occurs in one wrist, it also harms the other wrist.
  • Osteoarthritis – This problem is less in the wrist, but it is seen more in people who have ever had a wrist injury.
  • Kine box disease – This condition occurs when blood does not reach anyone bone among the eight bones of the wrist, then that bone stops functioning due to lack of circulation

Apart from this, there are also some common reasons such as injury or fracture, due to which the person feels pain. Due to this, sometimes, there may be swelling. Smartphones or typing in the same position can cause the wrist to become stiff and pain starts.

Causes and Symptoms Wrist Pain


Keep in mind that wrist pain occurs in different ways. If someone feels mild pain, then definitely consult the doctor before it turns to severe pain. This pain also occurs in different parts, along with this pain some other symptoms are visible.

  • Stiff feeling in the wrist
  • Feeling of stretch in the fingers
  • Feeling difficulty in grasping any object
  • Cracking sound when moving the wrist
  • Feeling unable to hold any person’s hand
  • Not being able to make a fist.
  • Swelling in the wrist.
  • Redness of the wrist all the time.
  • Sometimes I feel pain in my nails.


You can take some measures to prevent wrist pain.

  • Consume calcium – Calcium intake is necessary to make bones strong. In such a situation, you can know from your expert how many milligrams of calcium are needed by the bones at your age. You can also add calcium-rich things to your diet.
  • Work – If you use the keyboard or laptop for several hours, rotate the wrist from right to left and left to right after a short period of intervals
  • Exercise – Exercise strengthens the muscles of the hands.
  • Activity – Identify the activities that cause wrist pain and change those activities immediately.

Treatment Wrist Pain


The pain in the wrist is a common problem, but due to this pain, the person becomes unable to do his daily activities.

In such a situation, first, this pain must be treated on time. Also, you can treat wrist pain at home as primary care.

  • Heat therapy – With the help of heat therapy, swelling and pain in the muscles of the hands can be relieved.
  • Icing – If this pain is being caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, then relieve this pain through the ice.
  • Massage – Oleocanthal compound is found inside olive oil, which is useful to relieve inflammation. Massage with olive oil relieves pain and swelling.

Even after doing the above treatments, the pain is increasing, then you should consult a doctor.

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