Waking up in pain or groggy from a stormy night’s sleep can have a negative impact on your mood, performance, and health.

Chronic back pain and insufficient sleep are two extremely common bedfellows.

There are numerous factors that can contribute to poor sleep, and if you suspect your mattress is one of them, it may be time to start looking for a new one.

Mattress for back pain relief

However, beds are significant investments, so consider the following before purchasing one :

What mattress is best should ultimately be determined by personal preference

There is no single mattress style or type that is suitable for everyone suffering from low back pain. Any mattress that allows a person to sleep without pain or stiffness is the best mattress for that person. Patients suffering from low back pain should select a mattress that meets their comfort and support requirements and allows them to get a good night’s sleep.

Understand and inquire about the mattress’s physical components

A mattress’s coils or inner springs provide support. The number and arrangement of coils in different mattresses vary. Mattress top padding comes in a variety of thicknesses. Mattress depths typically range between 7 and 18 inches. Individual preferences should be used to determine the number of coils, type of padding, and mattress depth.

Look for a mattress with back support

A good mattress should support the natural curves and alignment of the spine. The proper amount of back support also assists the patient in avoiding muscle soreness in the morning. While there isn’t much clinical data on mattresses, one study discovered that medium-firm mattresses typically provide more back pain relief than firm mattresses.

Strive for a balance of back support and comfort

Overall comfort is as important as adequate back support when sleeping on a mattress. Sleeping on an overly firm mattress can cause aches and pains at pressure points. Because it allows the shoulders and hips to sink in slightly, a medium-firm mattress may be more comfortable. Patients who require a firmer mattress for back support can choose one with thicker padding for added comfort.

When it’s time for a new mattress, you’ll know

If your old mattress sags visibly in the middle or is no longer comfortable, it’s time to replace it. Putting boards under a sagging mattress to prevent it from sagging in the middle is only a temporary fix; a new mattress is still required.


Put your mattress to the test. Don’t just lie down on the display room floor for a few minutes. Check the return policy. Try your bed for a month or as long as you can, and if it doesn’t help your sleep or back pain, simply return it. Some studies have found that improved sleep on a new mattress may simply be a placebo effect.

Consider your body’s temperature. People don’t sleep well when they’re hot, so keeping cool is essential for rest, according to Feinsilver. If you live in a hot climate or simply find that your bedroom gets hot at night, finding a mattress made of breathable material is critical.

Consider how you sleep. Your preferred sleeping position influences how your weight is distributed across your body, joints, and bed. Choosing a mattress with the appropriate firmness for your sleeping style can help to alleviate discomfort and pain.

Choosing the right mattress for back pain


There is no such thing as a perfect bed.

The scientific consensus on what constitutes an ideal mattress has been inconsistent, though recent research studies have suggested that a “medium firm” mattress could be beneficial in relieving lower neck and back pain.

Mattress firmness is mostly subjective and varies from company to company.

Your personal comfort preferences and concepts should guide any prospective bed mattress purchase.

To alleviate discomfort before purchasing a new bed mattress, try improving your sleeping posture at night.

If you decide to purchase a new mattress, make sure to test it for as long as possible and return it if it does not improve your discomfort or sleep quality.

When it comes to back pain relief, your mattress is extremely important. Contact Specialty Care Clinics at (469) 545-9983 for assistance with your back pain management program.

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