The perfect way to manage a rotator cuff injury is to visit a doctor, of course, but the majority of your recovery time won’t be spent in their office, but rather at home. This gives a big opportunity to accelerate the healing process so you can return back to feeling and move like your old self again. Below, you’ll find a few easy ways to get better faster when dealing with a rotator cuff injury.

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Indeed, you ought to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Getting adequate sleep on a regular basis is crucial to the healing process since this is the time when your body’s healing mechanisms go into overdrive. Sleeping on the injured shoulder is one of the major factors that can delay this. While this might be not possible right after the injury, many people who are side-sleepers end up sleeping on their bad shoulder once they began to feel better, which can put undue pressure on the joint. Try to sleep on your back as much as possible and avoid sleeping on your shoulder.


For numerous patients, their rotator cuff injury starts from their job or an active hobby. Pushing, pulling, or lifting anything that applies pressure on the shoulder should be performed very carefully during the recovery process, and it’s essential that a patient doesn’t try to do too many activities. When it comes to using your shoulder again, going slow is the best way, as this will prevent injuring the rotator cuff again.


It’s well known to everyone that smoking and chewing tobacco is harmful to your body, and it has also been shown to really obstruct the body’s ability to heal. A patient should try to stop their tobacco use as much as possible when they are dealing with a rotator cuff injury, as this will accelerate recovery as well as lower the possibility of complications like an infection.

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The simplest but occasionally most challenging tip is this one. Wearing a sling or going to physical therapy a few times a week may be recommended by your doctor, both of which can significantly alter your normal routine. Everyone is resistant to change, but in the grand scheme of things, adhering to your doctor’s recommendations will pay off in the long run by promoting the fastest and healthiest rotator cuff healing.

Following these suggestions will enable you to regain some control over the situation after suffering a rotator cuff injury and make sure your pain and immobility go away as soon as possible. Also, if you have any doubts about other measures you can take at home, your doctor will always be happy to advise you.

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