Do you want the best possible results from your stem cell treatments? There are various things you may do to improve the quantity and quality of stem cells prior to treatment.

Over the past ten years, stem cell research and clinical use in orthopedics have shown that there are numerous ways to enhance the health of your stem cells. You can do the following to better prepare your stem cells ready for the procedure.

Be active:– Exercise increases stem cell proliferation. Aerobic exercise in particular has been shown to help stem cells in converting to bone rather than fat. According to scientists at the University of Illinois, during exercise stem cells are activated in the muscles. Also during exercise, mesenchymal stem cells proliferate and create new bone and muscle tissue.

It is important to be active. Go farther and faster if you already exercise. Think about what you can do if illness or injury prevents you from workouts. You can try pool exercises or daily walks.

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Reduce sugar and carbohydrate consumption:– Little exercise and sugar consumption can result in high blood pressure, weight gain, metabolic syndrome, insulin spikes, and insulin resistance. High blood sugar affects stem cell function, regeneration, and longevity.

Adult stem cells persisted longer in cell culture with lower glucose levels, according to a study. Therefore lowering glucose intake increases stem cell lifespan. You should reduce your intake of carbohydrates because they turn into glucose in the body.

Artificial sugar should not be used as a substitute. They act like any other type of sugar in the body and cause metabolic syndrome and obesity. These alternatives also disrupt gut flora and increase the risk of dementia and stroke.

Reduce calorie intake:– Studies show that calorie restriction increases blood cell stem count and mesenchymal (muscle) stem cell activity. Any calorie-reduction strategy, including intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating, and diets that mimic fasting, can be effective.

Reduce Triglycerides (TGs):- Unwanted carbohydrates are stored in triglycerides. High TGs are the result of consuming more carbohydrates than we can burn. High TGs increase the risk of weight gain, resulting in metabolic syndrome. Also, stem cells don’t develop in bodies that have high TGs.

High-quality omega-3 fatty acids help stem cell development and balance TGs. Omega-3 fatty acids also support healthy inflammatory pathways, a sign of stem cell activity.

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Support healthy inflammation pathways:– Inflammation inhibits stem cell activity and decreases their ability to produce therapeutic factors. Therefore inflammation must be minimized in order to increase stem cell growth. Avoid consuming inflammatory foods such as processed food, soda, and alcohol.

Stem cell supplementation:– The two main situations where stem cell growth is supported are when stem cells are implanted and when the body naturally produces the stem cells. The following supplements are helpful in both cases:

  • Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol):– It has been shown that vitamin D supports stem cells’ ability to produce new, healthy tissue and organs. Both embryonic stem cells and iPSCs have their stem cell activity upregulated by vitamin D.
  • Resveratrol:- Many stem cell therapies use mesenchymal (bone and muscle) stem cells. It has been shown that resveratrol helps in bone formation. Therefore, it is crucial to enhance stem cell abilities. Resveratrol rejuvenates animal cells, especially mesenchymal stem cells, and supports healthy inflammatory pathways.
  • Curcumin or Turmeric:- Taking curcumin or turmeric supplements promotes antioxidant activity, reducing the build-up of free radicals. Curcumin is a strong antioxidant and it increases proliferation in neural stem cells (NSC).

It has been found that the hypothalamus’s neural stem cells (NSC) can reverse aging. It is believed that the aging process starts with the significant loss of cells in the hypothalamus.

Avoid using tobacco and alcohol:– Long-term alcohol use raises TRGs while decreasing stem cell activity. So, limit alcohol consumption to increase stem cell growth. Also, avoid smoking and other tobacco use because nicotine affects the healing process.