BMP (Basic Metabolic Panel) is the most common blood test that is taken by people and is also very basic which provides information about the body’s fluid and its balance or imbalance in the body.

Basic metabolic panel test mainly consists of eight biochemical tests that are used to extract information about the chemical formation, their balance and metabolism functioning in our body.

Metabolism– Metabolism is the process which converts food we take into energy. This energy is a major source, that how we are going to spend our day. The process includes Glucose which is main source of energy.


BMP is used as a go to test by doctors before treatment. It is used in diagnosis or as a screen to monitor some health conditions. BMP is helpful to get information about the fluid balance and how intake is working in the body.

There is some general information required to conduct further treatment by the doctors and for that purpose BMP test is perfomed. BMP test includes:

  • Glucose– This tells the information about the sugar level in blood. Glucose is the most important source of energy that controls our body’s overall energy tranformation. Higher the glucose, higher the chances of having diabetes.
  • Calcium– It is one of the electrolytes that is present in our body. It determines the work of nerves and muscles. Calcium is an important mineral that is stored in our bones but beside that we also need calcium in blood as well. Calcium in blood prevents clotting during any injury.
  • Sodium– Also an electrolyte and have key role in maintaining blood pressure, helps in maintaining fluid balance and control nerves and muscles. Generally, we consume sodium through food we intake.
  • Potassium– An electrolyte, it also helps in maintaining normal level of fluids in the body.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)– One of the electrolytes, responsible for regulation of blood pH, respiratory drive, kidney function and affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen.
  • Bicarbonate– Indication for CO2 and functions same as CO2.
  • Chloride– Chloride is also an electrolyte which functions with other sodium, potassium, bicarbonate to balance fluids and also maintains acid-base balance.
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)– It measures the amount of nitrogen in blood to regulates the proper functioning of kidneys to remove extra fluid and waste from body. If kidney does not function well, it can cause waste build up in blood.
  • Creatinine– It is a waste chemical compound from the energy producing processes happening in muscles.

Basic Metabolic Panel Test


Doctor can prescribe BMP test along with CBC test. It gives the doctor clarity that what kind of treatment patient needs. For example, if problem is related to

  • Kidney functioning
  • Respiratory organ (lungs) working
  • Metabolism (insulin) and pancreas

Other related problems are;

  • Imbalanced acid-base level
  • Blood-sugar (glucose) level
  • Filteration of blood
  • Level of electrolytes in body

Basic Metabolic Panel test is useful in many ways as we seen above that a sample of blood can be used to test many things simultaneously.

BMP monitor


For BMP test, one does not need any extra or special preparation other than fasting for eight hours (no water, no food for 8 hours).

As the procedure concerns, it is simple blood test, in which blood is drawn through a needle into a tube from patient’s arm then that blood is send to laboratory for various tests.

Lab test procedure


A BMP test carries various information for different purposes. These can be following:

  • A kidney test, where high BUN (Blood urea nitrogen) reveals the risk of kidney related disease like kidney failure and low BUN level can point towards liver problems.
  • Creatinine’s high level also shows threat to kidney as well as muscle disease or preeclampsia and if it is low in level then it can cause muscle dystrophy or myasthenia gravis.
  • Sugar metabolism rate, if blood sugar level is over 126 mg/dL, there is possibility of diabetes. Low blood suger level shows an underactive pituitary or thyroid or adrenal gland.
  • Blood protein, low level of albunim in body can be due to kidney or liver disease whereas high level of albunim is very rare.
  • High level of CO2 or bicarbonate might cause respiratory issue, metabolic problems, Cushing syndrome, etc. And, if they found in high level then it can be due to kidney disease, acidosis or other toxicities.

Blood test sample

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