We all know the answer to why doing exercise is good for the body and mind and how it is beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight, toned muscles, reducing pain symptoms, and boosting cardiovascular health. But the condition is altogether altered when you are suffering from swollen and painful joints (inflammation).

It is seen that people with joint inflammation or rheumatoid arthritis have experienced some relief in pain from specific exercises. But, it is advised to consult a medical professional or a physical therapist before starting any exercise routine. Specialty Care Clinics also encourages its patients to maintain a physical workout session for pain management.

With some basic and common exercises in your daily routine, you can achieve a sense of relief from joint pain. Let’s understand these benefits briefly :

1. Strengthens the supporting structure

Being afraid of pain in joints and taking completely off from exercise routine can make you more miserable. The support structure of joints becomes weaker from muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Exercise routine provides stability and supports the structure as well as strengthens it. Joint stability keeps your muscles stronger and helps in maintaining better posture. Also, the overall alignment of the body is secured.

joint pain exercise

2. Boost range of motions

Under the inflammation condition range of motion is decreased and the knee joints also do not work as well as they used to. Functions like bending and getting them straight get compromised. In this case, exercise can help.

Exercise with the right guidance reduces the risk of injuries and lets you enjoy the activities. You can also try including ancient practices like yoga and tai chi, these can help you to start the movement again. Physical therapy can also be the option that can remobilize knee movement.

3. Weight management

According to BMI (Body Mass Index), a certain weight is required with increasing height. Every other pound added to your weight starts exerting pressure on your knees. This pressure creates friction in your joint due to which after a time knees lose their lubrication. Hence, swollen, painful, and weak joints can be painful when pressure is exerted. Maintaining a balanced weight can be a good way to prevent pain.

Losing weight can be a little difficult when in pain but exercise in combination with a nutritional diet is the two most common methods that can be helpful in weight loss. Ask your doctor to suggest some exercises with a proper diet plan. Excessive weight also leads to bone diseases like osteoporosis in women mostly. Among various services provided by Specialty Care Clinics weight loss management programs have also benefited many to manage their weight.

Joint inflammation exercise

4. Improves balance

Some exercises help you by keeping your balance maintained. Balancing and holding your body firm prevent injuries. Improved balance lowers the risk of injuries. Exercise strengthens the core muscles that contribute to balancing your overall weight.

The condition of the inflamed or weak joint can be prone to more injuries when you fall than a healthy joint structure. A healthy and balanced joint structure keeps you sturdy and preserves your joints.

5. Good for healthy bone structure

Including some weights when doing exercise can improve muscle strength as well as the ability to withstand external pressure. With increasing age, the bone structure also deteriorates especially in women. Women are more susceptible to the breaking of bones or other bone diseases. Exercise can be a good habit to help in reducing pain.

Joint inflammation

Besides all of the above-mentioned benefits, there are many more, for example, increased blood flow in the joints, synovial fluid lubrication works as greasy oil due to which bones move past one another, nutrients and oxygen circulation to the joint while doing weight-bearing exercises, some reports suggests that joint repair genes start appearing when exercising or with the movement of knees too, and biological process autophagy where damaged cells break down and removed called cellular waste.

Regular exercise has multiple benefits that help the body fight against diseases. A physical therapist or a personal trainer can help with a few exercises and physical activity that targets the pain in your joint. Call Specialty Care Clinics at (469) 545-9983 to book an appointment.

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