Millions of Americans of all ages deal with back pain on a daily basis, and it’s probable that you’re dealing with it right now as you read this. Stretching, exercise, rest, and medicine have all been tried, yet the problem continues to return or get worse. Surgery is the last resort, right? Fortunately, regenerative medicine has made it such that’s not the case. Consult a doctor before deciding to undergo surgery to learn whether one of these four less common procedures could be able to give you the long-lasting relief you’re seeking.


Prolotherapy is a complementary and alternative medical procedure used to relieve chronic pain brought on by worn-out or degenerating ligaments, tendons, or joints. In order to induce tissue regeneration, encourage healing, and lessen pain, the treatment entails injecting minute volumes of a medicinal solution into the targeted musculoskeletal tissue(s) over a period of several weeks.

In order to hasten healing, prolotherapy literally “tricks” the body into concentrating its healing resources in a particular place. What is the mechanism? A simple solution of dextrose (sugar) and Novocain is injected into the wounded tissue by the doctor. The body is “persuaded” to use its healing skills by the sugar since it irritates the tissue without actually harming it and causes an acute (i.e., fleeting) inflammatory reaction. With the help of Novocain, the patient is kept pain-free during this process. Your body receives a message from prolotherapy that it is in immediate need of assistance.

Back pain treatment


The lumbar region is strengthened and helped to regenerate by Prolozone injections. The patient is in excellent comfort and is dozing off during the treatment. Ozone injections have been found to aid in cartilage regeneration. Prolozone injections further boost the positive regeneration benefits of PRP treatments, raise the body’s supply of red blood cells, and accelerate the synthesis of ATP, the body’s primary source of energy.

Prolotherapy and Prolozone are essentially similar, with the exception that B vitamins and ozone (O3) are also added to the sugar/Novocain mix in Prolozone. By integrating them into the therapy, they kick someone’s recovery into high gear exactly where it is needed because they are the fuel the body’s cells use to recover.


This substance, which is also known as “platelet-rich plasma,” is made by spinning a little amount of a patient’s blood in a centrifuge, just like you would for a standard test. As a result, a substance with a significantly higher concentration of platelets and other growth factors separates from the liquid plasma, leaving the liquid plasma behind. It functions as “premium fuel” for your body to repair more quickly than usual when it is injected into the back.

Prolotherapy for back pain

Stem Cell Therapy

Contrary to popular assumption, stem cells do not “transform into” other types of cells; rather, they act as messengers, coordinating the activity of neighboring cells and arranging them so that tissues heal at a much faster rate. The patient’s own bone marrow or body fat can be used to harvest stem cells, which can then be injected into the back.

Basically, all of these treatments help your body heal much more quickly than it would normally, which can lessen discomfort and improve strength and mobility. You could be the next in a line of millions of people who have already benefited from them. All you have to do is get in touch with a local regenerative physician to arrange a consultation if you’re interested in learning more about them and what they could be able to accomplish for you. It might be the first step you take on the road to a future of more comfort.

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