Each and every organization understands how crucial their employees’ health is. A person who is content and in good health is considerably more productive, driven, and eager to work. Consider occupational health care as a component of your bigger health plan if you want to safeguard your employees’ well-being. Its main objectives are to ensure that employees have a safe and healthy working environment, to prevent any illnesses related to their jobs, and to maintain their ability to work.

Occupational medicine practitioners collaborate with management, human resources, and policymakers to develop safer and more productive workplaces. Their suggestions may result in more healthful workplaces. For instance, they could provide information about toxic material exposure, the usage of personal protective equipment, and workplace dangers.

Physicians that specialize in occupational medicine frequently work in hospitals, corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, theme parks, medical facilities, consulting firms, and educational institutions, as well as for the federal and state governments.

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Occupational medicine specialists concentrate on how health affects employment and work affects health. They deal with persons who have suffered from work-related diseases and injuries and may also carry out health exams on prospective employees and employees.


Preventing illnesses and injuries significantly affects a significant role in occupational medicine doctors’ days. To identify the underlying cause of accidents, they evaluate the surroundings and factors that might contribute to workplace injury. Specialists in occupational medicine try to make workplaces safer for employees.

Occupational medicine specialists perform pre-assignment health evaluations to ensure that the candidate is physically and emotionally capable of handling the assignment, routinely check on workers’ health status, mainly if there is a risk of workplace exposures or activities that could adversely affect health, screen for infectious diseases and offer onsite vaccinations, manage occupational illness and injury, including a return to work evaluations and provide counseling and other support services.



Employment Services

Treating work-related injuries is a specialty of facilities that offer occupational medicine services like employment physicals and drug testing. They are fully aware of the workers’ compensation claim procedure, the value of communication with all parties involved in the case, and how to adhere to state workers’ compensation laws. They ensure the compliance of their programs.


Employers frequently request that applicants submit pre-employment physicals and medical exams, such as DOT physicals in Hialeah. Additionally, it has become commonplace for employers to demand a pre-employment drug test. All of these steps are being done to safeguard the security of employees and coworkers.


The fact that prevention is one of occupational medicine’s goals is last but not least. Preventive programs aim to advance and improve productivity, health, and safety. They are made to prevent workers from getting ill or hurt at work. Health evaluation, counseling for healthy eating and weight loss, and other wellness initiatives may be included. Each program is tailored to the patient’s requirements.

Lowered costs

Injury claims typically come with a minimum amount of guaranteed medical visits because of the financial pressure placed on businesses. However, by swiftly providing their patients with efficient and effective treatments, occupational health clinics are dedicated to helping injured workers return to work as soon as possible. Shorter treatment periods and less time away from work translate to lower costs for the company.

Physicians specializing in occupational medicine focus on how health affects work and work affects the health of workers. Learn more about the occupational medicine program and workers’ compensation services offered by Specialty Care Clinics. Contact 469-545-9983 to book your appointment.

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