Just after the pandemic, during lockdown when everything was shut off, movement to places was restricted, and more things were taking place, people started looking for solutions to get rid of boredom. The major population turned their head toward gardening for therapeutic relief physically as well as mentally. But people who are suffering from pain in the back may think gardening is not their cup of tea.

Back pain can have multiple reasons. People with a history of back problems or who had back surgery may think that gardening is off a chart activity for them. Even in many cases, doctors themselves do not recommend gardening to their patients. But, as far as people apply some basic and general sense of humor, gardening can become a therapeutic activity for their physical and mental health.

Today, the latest modified gardening tools are easily available that complied with people who have back pain and neck pain. Also, following an ergonomic approach can make gardening back-friendly. Gardening works as a stress-buster therapy that reduces the level of anxiety and calms down your nerves. Our experts at Specialty Care Clinic have recommended some ways for making gardening a happy activity for people with back pain.

Gardening with back pain

  • Start with warming up first
    Gardening takes a lot of energy and strength. Try power or brisk walking for a few minutes and some stretching exercises. One example of a back pain relief exercise could be a cat and cow pose where you have to be in a cat-like position and do inhaling followed by exhaling simultaneously bending in and out the back. You can get help from your physical trainer or a good orthopedic doctor to suggest you right stretches.
  • Do not directly lift the heavyweight
    Without any support doing the heavy lifting (weighted objects like pots, filled watering cans, or other heavy items) can produce a negative impact on your back like injury to discs, muscles, or ligaments. Try incorporating an ergonomic approach while lifting. For that first, squat down without bending your waste then use both hands to hold the object. Now, straight up your legs slowly while coming into a firm position.
  • Include breaks in your activity
    Take frequent breaks. It is easy to lose track of time while gardening which creates unnecessary stress in your back muscles. Keep a water bottle with you to prevent dehydration. While on breaks, relieve some tension with stretching. Perform tasks (like pruning, cutting, or fertilizing) in an alternate manner to free up the working muscle.
  • Kneelers and chairs can be a help
    One of the most useful gardening accessories is a kneeler or chair. The kneeler is made with heavy-duty material and padded and raised arm handles are the features that make it suitable for people with back pain.

Back pain relief exercise

  • Apply cushion in knee pads
    For knee support when working in the garden a cushioned knee pad can be a good solution. Cushioning your knee support with various available foams to maximize the padding. Buy sturdy, good-quality knee pads that fit you correctly.
  • Make use of specialized tools
    Among various available gardening tools, select those with long handles, this prevents further bending when plowing or weeding the garden. Long-handled trowels or cultivators are examples that help in gardening without bending much.
  • To avoid twisting use garden scooters
    To avoid twisting or to reduce the risk of stress in joints, and to protect discs in the back, scooters have been very helpful. There are modified wheeled scooters present in the market that are good enough for compact spaces. Some scooters also offer baskets in which you can keep the required gardening tools.
  • Stand while gardening
    For gardening lovers, advancing with the new era of technology, vertical gardening came as a space-saving option. Vertical gardening also benefits people with back pain. Vertical gardening is where pots or planters are fixed on the wall and get filled with soil for planting. This arrangement provides back-pain gardeners with an eye-level view of gardening.

Gardening technique for back pain

  • Bring the plants to you by elevating the garden
    Use highly elevated gardening beds for which you do not have to kneel down. Platform gardening is easy to maintain and requires you to work while standing. It’s quite a suitable way of gardening for back pain relief.
  • Use a container for planting
    In modern gardening, tools like plant caddies make it easier to move large planters from places. A big container provides you enough space to grow multiple vegetables at once without making you go back and forth.
  • Think different, think unique
    Do not just get the job done, think outside the box for ideas that can change the way you do gardening.

Gardening is a fun activity, do not make it a hassle by taking an extra load of pain. Do some research on advanced tools and techniques and incorporate them into your working style.

Even after taking all the precautions if you face any issue in your back immediately call Specialty Care Clinics at (469) 545-9983.

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