Maintaining bone health (for example bone density) with increasing age should be more important than maintaining the outer appearance. Neglecting bone health for long is not good for a complications-free lifestyle. Caring for one’s health condition externally as well as internally should be the topmost priority. The healthy bone structure protects you from any possible injury that directly affects the bone and also reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Specialty Care Clinics treat patients who are suffering from bone-related issues.

Building up of the bone structure starts from an early age and that is the reason one should not stop kids from playing or doing any physical activity. Better motor skills indicate better bone health. There are multiple ways to improve bone health some of which we will discuss here.

Jogging for healthy bone

  • A walk or jogging

A habit of morning jog is the best way to start your routine. An early morning jog increases the blood circulation level in the body, and also helps in good oxygen intake. All this helps in maintaining a healthy bone structure. You can have a walk or a jog whatever suits your condition. Walking or jogging puts your whole body structure to work and strengthens it.

  • Climb stairs or do some leg exercises

Climbing up stairs or other steep places provides strength to the bone as well as calf muscles. This is a little harder than walking or jogging as it requires an elevated land or object that puts extra force to perform this activity.

  • Strength training or Aerobic routine

The bone-strengthening workout routine is a good way to build up strong bone health. The training includes lifting, pushing, or pulling weights. A workout routine for 2 to 3 days a week is enough for bone strengthening. A rigorous aerobic routine is also beneficial.

Healthy bone exercise

  • Have a healthy and balanced breakfast

We often hear people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, having a healthy meal as breakfast that contains the necessary nutrition for healthy bone structure or muscle building is considered a balanced diet. The amalgamation of essential fibers, proteins, vitamins, etc. plays a major role in improving bone health.

  • Try foods that contain protein or calcium

It is also necessary to include enough calcium and protein in a daily diet. Calcium strengthens the bone to the core.

  • Eat greens, fruits, and nuts

Include more greens in your food. Also, go for fruits and nuts, they help increase bone density and also protect from external fatigue. Consuming greens, fruits, and nuts keep the body energized.

Bone doctor for a checkup

  • Quit smoking

Some test results showed that smokers have poor balance compared to non-smokers. Smoking interrupts the blood supply as well as other body tissues. Smoking reduces the calcium absorption rate of the body which is responsible for good bone health. Nicotine slows down the production of bone-producing cells. Hence, quitting smoking reduces the chances of bone loss.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

Do not drink alcohol as it creates disturbances in the regulation of calcium absorption. Also, interfere with vitamin D absorption and hormonal disbalance. All this leads to poor maintenance of bone health, issues with bone loss also arise, or reduction in bone density gets visible.

  • Calcium supplement

Calcium is one of the major sources of good bone health and stronger core strength. Sometimes our diet alone is not able to fulfill the requirement of sufficient calcium intake. In this case, your doctor or personal trainer can recommend some calcium supplements that help in maintaining calcium intake in the body.

Healthy bone diet

  • Consume enough vitamin D

Vitamin D is naturally present in some foods and is helpful in better extraction of calcium from any intake.

  • Get exposure to the sun for 5 to 10 minutes daily

Get yourself out in the sun daily for a few minutes. Getting exposure to the sun once daily is essential for the proper absorption of calcium in the body. Vitamin D present in the rays of the sun increases the rate of calcium absorption. They also manage the rate of magnesium or phosphate.

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