At some point in their life, about 80% of adults will experience back discomfort. Most people’s symptoms will disappear, and the pain will disappear. Chronic back pain is characterized by symptoms that persist over a protracted period of time.

In the past, there were few pain management choices available to those with this sort of pain. They had the option of taking crippling painkillers, having surgery, receiving occasionally helpful chiropractic care, or just putting up with the discomfort. Scrambler therapy is a relatively recent technology that relieves chronic back pain without the use of drugs or surgery.

Chronic back pain causes


Work-related injuries are by far the most frequent cause of chronic back pain. In actuality, persistent back pain ranks as the world’s leading contributor to disability. You definitely know someone who is now suffering from a back injury because lifting accidents at work are so widespread owing to excessive lifting or repetitive lifting tasks. Other potential reasons for chronic back pain include everything from osteoarthritis to car accidents. In order to create a tailored treatment plan for you, your doctor will heavily rely on the diagnosis of the cause of your pain.

The most frequent causes are :

Spinal arthritis causes the cartilage to gradually thin out in the spine.
Narrowing of the spinal canal known as spinal stenosis may cause nerve discomfort
Disc issues, such as a bulging or herniated disc
Undiagnosed aches and pains in the muscles known as a myofascial pain syndrome

It might be challenging to identify the exact source of chronic back pain in some situations. According to Nava, it’s time to get a second opinion from a back pain specialist if your doctor has used all available diagnostic techniques. It’s crucial to wait until the cause of the discomfort is identified before making a hasty decision or undergoing invasive medical procedures. Nava cautions that they could not only not assist but also make the discomfort worse.

Your best option may be to work with your doctor to reduce the flare-ups and make the pain manageable using nonsurgical therapies if the cause of the pain is unknown or cannot be cured.


The lumbar area of the spine is often where most back injuries occur. Lower back pain may develop as a result. It can be quite incapacitating for those who have this ailment. The pain of a back injury might make it difficult to perform daily actions that call for bending over, including tying shoes. Each year, back pain costs the US economy billions of dollars in lost productivity in addition to the billions of dollars that people spend on medical care.

Scrambler therapy for chronic back pain


Scrambler therapy is a machine-based therapy that has shown promise in the treatment of back pain. The procedure itself is painless and does not require any drugs or surgery. To help patients ultimately get relief from persistent pain, it is also a very cost-effective therapy choice.

A device used in scrambler therapy sends electroanalgesia signals to the patient’s spinal nerves. The scrambler therapeutic signals, put in the simplest terms possible, inform the spinal nerve fibers that the body is not in pain. The patient experiences pain relief as soon as the brain recognizes these “non-pain” messages. Along with scrambler therapy, our clinic will work with you on exercises and lifestyle modifications to lessen persistent back pain.


A slight injury or misuse of the back muscles is a common cause of back discomfort. Typically, with therapy, this will mend more quickly and get better over time. A person should consult a doctor if they have back pain along with other symptoms like fever, numbness, or foot drop, or if it follows an injury.

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