Varicose veins are typically linked to bad eating and smoking, but alcohol also significantly impacts vein health. Alcohol can be appreciated in moderation, but excessive consumption can harm almost all major organs. Patients who already have weak circulatory systems due to varicose veins or other chronic venous insufficiencies may be particularly at risk. Although drinking doesn’t directly cause varicose veins, it can significantly contribute to their growth, considerably escalating symptoms and causing additional harm.

Heart disease, diabetes, and stroke are all related to excessive alcohol intake. But did you realize that it might harm your veins as well? Even though drinking does not cause varicose veins, it can worsen if you already have them by making your veins more painful and bloated. If you have specific risk factors for varicose veins, such as obesity, a family history of the condition, or a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol may raise your risk of getting the condition.

Alcohol and varicose vein


Your Circulatory System

Alcohol has a significant impact on your circulatory system even though it doesn’t immediately affect varicose veins. What goes around is true when it comes to venous health, and the harm done to your circulatory system will eventually have an impact on vein health, in one way or another. Your heart may beat faster as a result of alcohol consumption, pumping more blood more quickly. Your veins, particularly those in your lower extremities, are put under more strain by the sudden surge of blood. In addition to taxing your veins, alcohol also uses space in your liver, cleansing and detoxifying the blood. Your blood significantly thickens without the liver’s help, which makes the veins stick out even more.

Your varicose veins

If you have varicose veins, the accelerated blood flow through your veins could overwhelm the already worn-out vein valves responsible for returning blood to your heart.

Because the vein walls can’t keep up with the accelerated blood flow, greater edema and discomfort result. Your leg veins are the furthest from your heart, therefore they experience the greatest force of gravity, which makes the situation even more urgent. Even healthy veins have trouble carrying this much blood.

unhealthy veins due to alcohol


All of these issues have the potential to make varicose veins symptoms worse. While alcohol increases blood flow, the venous valves, which ordinarily try to pump blood, do not become more active. Due to the increased likelihood of backflow caused by a defective valve, blood might pool in the veins. Because the blood is thicker, it exerts more pressure on the already swollen veins, weakening the muscles that support them over time. The veins bulge greatly as a result of all of these responsibilities, which increases pain and causes them to protrude even more.

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