In winter, bone pain bothers people more and it also includes elbow bone pain. Elbow pain is usually caused by people doing those continuous activities, due to which there is stress on the bones. Such as playing sports such as cricket, tennis, and golf. Apart from this, everyday household chores can also cause elbow pain. But, the constant pain in the elbow is a sign of some serious disease. There are many common to serious reasons behind elbow pain. But before knowing its causes, it is more important to know where and how you are experiencing elbow pain

What are the reasons for Elbow Pain?


People who have problems with elbow pain, complain of intense pain in the elbow to tingling in the whole hand. Sometimes due to this type of pain, they are not even able to do their work. But elbow pain is not caused by just reason, but it has many causes which are as follows-

Pain in the back of the elbow– Bursitis

If there is pain and swelling in the back part of the elbow, then it may be due to bursitis. In bursitis, the membrane called the bursa becomes inflamed and causes pain in the bones. This problem is more when we work with our elbows on the table. Due to this rubbing, the bones of the elbow become inflamed and cause bursitis. Also, it can be due to many diseases.

Pain in the outer part of the elbow- Tennis Elbow Pain

The pain of the outer part of the elbow is called tennis elbow pain. It is a condition whereby there is tender and constant pain in the outer part of the elbow. It is caused by repetitive or overuse of tendons and muscles. Pain in this elbow part is known as lateral epicondylitis. Talking about its symptoms, there is a terrible sharp pain in it as soon as it touches the person’s hand.

If you have severe pain in your forearm and you feel severe pain even when you open the door, it could mean that you have a tennis elbow. According to its name, it does not only happen to tennis players but can happen to anyone who uses their wrists excessively.

Tennis elbow is medically known as lateral epicondylitis. This condition typically occurs when the elbows are overloaded by repetitive motion of the wrist and hand. Tennis elbow pain usually occurs in the tendons of your wrist, which are attached to the bone on the outside of your elbow.

Pain in the inner part of the elbow – Medial Epicondylitis

Pain in the inner part of the elbow is called medial epicondylitis. In this, going inwards in the hands, there is a sharp pain in the muscles. In this, there is a sharp pain like a current in the hands.

Elbow Pain – Other Causes

If someone has constant elbow pain, then there can be many reasons behind it.

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • High blood pressure
  • Due to injury
  • Due to frequent activities such as sports
  • Due to the habit of working with elbows

If there is pain or swelling in any part of the elbow, then you can adopt some remedies as preliminary solutions

  • Irrigate with warm water.
  • Do not massage with any pain relief spray, cream, and oil. This can cause damage to the skin in that area, which can further aggravate the problem. All you have to do is apply the spray, cream, and oil.
  • Avoid doing activities involving stretching in the elbow.
  • Use a Tennis Elbow Splint.

If you still have pain in your hands, after all, these home remedies, then you should stop doing joint work on your wrist. Apart from this, if you have been doing cleaning work, in which there is a parallel movement in the elbow, you should also avoid doing it. Despite all this, if you do not get relief from pain, then contact your doctor and get this problem treated.

elbow pain


  • Avoid straining your elbows.
  • Find the activity that causes elbow pain and find a substitute for it.
  • Get training from professionals before engaging in a sport like tennis or squash.
  • Always warm-up before any intense exercise.
  • Do exercises that help strengthen your forearm muscles, such as stretching and dumbbell curls.
  • Get an acupuncture treatment from a professional.

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