In modern times due to chaotic lifestyles, many diseases have made a place in our life. Problems like heart disease, bone problems, and thyroid are now heard every day. Diabetes is one of them.

A study has found that a large number of diabetes patients are found worldwide. During the Corona period, the number of patients with diabetes has increased rapidly which is alarming.

Fact: 1 out of every 11 people in the world are diabetic. The USA accounts for 16.6% of the total diabetes patients worldwide.

According to the research report, most of the covid victims who died in America (diabetes deaths 2020) were patients of heart disease or diabetes. Apart from the US, the problem of diabetes has been found in people who died of corona worldwide too. That’s why diabetic patients are more at risk.


Patients with diabetes are at higher risk of any infection. In such patients, the functioning of the cells of the immune system (lymphocytes, neutrophils) is reduced (diabetes immune deficiency). Because of this, antibodies are made less in the body.

Due to less power to fight disease, it is unable to eliminate foreign things (viruses, bacteria), as a result, the risk of life increases.


According to experts, the coronavirus is easily attacking people suffering from diabetes because the immune system of these patients is quite weak. If a person who has diabetes comes in contact with the corona, then it spreads very quickly in the body and makes the condition serious.

Post Covid Diabetes


Healthy diet

In such a situation, diabetic patients should take more care of themselves in the era of corona and take daily precautions. Especially, diabetic patients should also take full care of food and drink. Along with taking care of food and drink, the patients of diabetes should also take care of the following things.

Weakened immunity and infections

Most importantly, if you are a diabetic patient and you face the symptoms of corona like cold-cough, closed throat, diarrhea, loss of taste and smell, etc.) then contact the doctor without any delay.

Stress in diabetes

Taking stress or stress increases the chances of increasing the level of diabetes (stress and blood sugar levels), due to which the immune system becomes weak and this can rapidly call for infection of covid-19. Let us tell you that the virus attacks people’s immune systems which is weak.

Regular anti-diabetic medicines

The diabetic patient should follow the instructions of the doctors completely. There should not be any laxity in medicines (generic medicines for diabetes).

Controlling Post Covid Diabetes

Continuous sugar level monitoring

Blood sugar levels should be continuously measured and increased sugar levels should be controlled.

Check sugar while in quarantine. Keep checking sugar levels regularly.

Regular sleep

Sleep also has an important role in diabetic patients. Diabetic patients need more physical activity but in moderation. Do not do hard work i.e. physical work and should take 8-10 hours of regular sleep.

Chest pain or anxiety

If you are feeling a constant pain in the chest or if you are getting worried again and again due to nervousness, then slow down, contact the doctor immediately.

Cyanosis of lip

Apart from this, turning blue on the lips is also not a good sign, even if this happens, consult a doctor.

Control Glucose level rise with water

If you are a diabetic patient and you have got corona, then there is a possibility that your glucose level will increase and you may feel the need for fluids in the body. In such a situation, if you are in quarantine, then definitely keep clean and fresh water with you. In any season, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Do not be negligent in the rules like social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands frequently.


Type 1 diabetes treatment

Insulin is considered the main treatment for type 1 diabetes. Insulin is also given in 4 types.

Rapid-acting insulin: After taking this, it starts working in the patient’s body within 15 minutes and its effect lasts in the body for 3 to 4 hours.

Short-acting insulin: After taking this, it starts working in the patient’s body within 30 minutes and its effect lasts for 6 to 8 hours in the body.

Intermediate-acting insulin: After taking it, it starts working in the patient’s body within 1 to 2 hours and its effect lasts in the body for 12 to 18 hours.

Insulin in diabetes

Long-acting insulin begins to work a few hours after injection and lasts for 24 hours or more.

Type 2 diabetes treatment

Diet changes can usually help with type 2 diabetes, and exercise may also help some people manage type 2 diabetes. But, if the blood sugar level is not affected even after making dietary and lifestyle changes, then you will need to take medicine.

So in this article, you learned how corona can prove to be fatal for diabetic patients. In such a situation, we request you that if you are a diabetic patient, then take care of yourself and get a checkup or need expert advice, get connected with Specialty Care Clinics

Post covid diabetes is on the high rise after the pandemic. Call us on (469) 545-9983 to book an appointment with our specialists who have expertise in treating a Post Covid Diabetes

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