Neck stretching exercises


The lockdown has been going on for more than the last 2 years, on and off. During this, work from the home facility was given to most of the employees from all the offices.

Due to the zero physical activity of many people during the lockdown, health has also changed. During work from home, most of the time is being spent on the table-chair in front of the laptop.

In this condition, many people are feeling pain and other problems in different parts of the body, especially the neck. This can be due to online classes and work from home

Doing some neck stretching exercises can help. Within a few days, pain can disappear. If you are also complaining of neck pain, then you can also try the exercise for the neck. With these, you can also get relief in neck pain/neck pain.

Neck Pain


Most people in the age group of 16-34 years suffer from neck pain

Neck pain occurs due to working on the laptop for a long time, sitting in the wrong position, due to the wrong angle of the laptop, or looking down for a long time while operating the mobile.

Sometimes, this pain can also be due to chronic injury, keeping a high pillow while sleeping. In most cases, this pain gets better on its own after some time. But, if it lasts longer, then you should consult a doctor.

This pain can also cause stiffness, swelling, and numbness in the neck.

Let us tell you about the stretch exercises that relieve neck pain.

1. Assisted Neck Pull

  • This is a good stretch exercise to get relief from neck pain. To do this, keep your hands behind the head and cross your fingers.
  • After that, stand straight and take a deep breath. Now while exhaling, lightly tilt your head down with the help of the hand so that the chin touches the chest.
  • After holding for 3 seconds, go back up while exhaling. This will be called 1 rep. After stopping for 1 second, repeat it.

2. Side to Side Stretch, Ear to Shoulder

  • Begin each neck exercise from the neck in the midline position. Your head and spine should be straight. This stretch exercise can be done lying on your back, standing, or sitting.
  • If you do this exercise sitting, then while doing it, you can keep one hand behind the waist or on the knees.
  • To do this, while sitting in a straight meditation position, first, place the left hand behind the waist and place the right hand on the head.
  • Now slowly stretch the neck to the right side. After holding for 2 seconds, come back to the normal position.
  • Keep in mind that putting more pressure on the neck can increase the pain. Repeat 10-12 times on both sides.

3. Neck circle

  • This is a very easy exercise. By doing this, you can get instant relief.
  • To do this exercise, you stand straight and keep your breathing normal. After that, the neck has to be slowly rotated in a complete circle.
  • Your speed should be slow, otherwise, more tension may be created. Similarly, gradually add 10-12 rounds. Draw circles first in one direction and then in the opposite direction.

4. Side Neck Rotation

  • This is also a very good exercise. This exercise, done standing or sitting, can give a lot of relief to your neck.
  • If you do it sitting, then while doing it, you can keep both your hands on the knee or behind the waist.
  • To do this, keep the neck in the normal position, and while touching the chin to the chest, first move it to the left and then to the right.
  • After taking it on both sides, hold for 2-3 seconds, only then take it in the other direction. Similarly, do 10-12 rounds.

Neck Stretching Exercises To Relieve Pain

5. Forward fold with head-nod

  • This stretch exercise is done standing up. Those who are overweight may have trouble doing this exercise. But with practice, the situation will become normal.
  • To do this, hold the opposite elbow with the hands above the head and bend forward with the help of the lower back and hips.
  • Keeping your body in this position, first, slowly stretch the head up and then bring it to the normal position. Similarly, do 10-12 rounds or as per your capacity.

Perform stretching daily for at least 10 minutes to regain mobility and reduce pain. You should do a warm-up before starting strengthening moves.

Neck pain can be treated at home. Regular strengthening exercises may help you find relief. Some pain persists or worsens with home treatment. In such a case, you should consult a doctor or other healthcare provider.

So, if you are suffering from chronic neck pain, meet our specialists at Specialty Care Clinics. Call us at (469) 545-9983, to book your appointment .

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