Digital Eye Strain is about the problem of eyes and vision. Using computers, tablets, and mobile for a long time creates the problem of Digital Eye Strain. By looking at the screen for a long time, people feel discomfort in the eyes and develop problems with vision.

People who work day and night on the digital screen for a long time, develop problems of digital eye strain. But do not worry. Today we will tell ways in which digital eye strain can be reduced or prevented.

Digital eye strain is a temporary problem in the eyes that occurs after using a computer or mobile or any digital device. Different electronic tools can result in eye strain. Digital eye strain occurs when using a device continuously with eye breaks for relaxing.


The most common symptoms caused by Digital Eye Strain are:

  • Red eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Irritation of eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Headache


Incorrect use of Digital tools

Burning sensation and discomfort in the eyes can be due to many reasons. Digital tools often have small prints and photos without pixels, which we cannot be read easily and need more focus. This can cause stress to the eye.


The reason for the stress on the eyes also occurs when not using the digital tool properly, such as looking at the tool in the wrong way or using it by keeping it at the wrong angle or using it from too far.

Causes of digital eye strain

Blue light

Blue light is a high-energy light that is more seen in the computer. The computer is considered to be a major cause of Eye Strain.

Blue light comes out of digital tools and puts more strain and stress on the eyes than other colors. Blue light has a long wavelength. Blue light can cause vision problems such as cataracts and aging of the eyes. Digital eye strain can also happen to people who wear prescription eyewear.


Digital eye strain can be prevented by reducing the use of digital media. However, the use of digital tools cannot be reduced. There are many ways to reduce the effect of the screen on the eyes while using digital tools.

You should start practicing these tips to stop digital eye strain.

Maintain distance

Give a position to your device. Keep it at some distance from you so that you can keep the distance between your eyes and the screen. For example, if you are using your mobile, then keep the mobile below the level of the eyes and hold it at some distance. With this, you can comfortably read the screen.

Reduce glare a bit

Adjust the control setting of the device. Computer devices also have filters that can be easily installed on the computer, which can reduce digital eye strain.

The screen must be clear

Sometimes there is dust or any smudge on the screen of the device, due to which the screen of the device is not visible clearly and there is a strain on the eyes.

Therefore, clean it regularly

Turn down the surrounding light

It is not only necessary to reduce the light on your mobile, but also important to keep the light around you low. When you are under artificial light, keep the light low. When you are outside, that is, under the open sky, you are exposed to the light of the sun, then increase the light slightly so that you do not have to strain your eyes while reading.

Increase the size of the text

The size of the text appearing on the screen is generally small. Therefore, the size of the words or the photo on the screen should be increased slightly. Enlarging the text size can make the eyes comfortable.

Treatment for digital eye strain

Blink your eyes frequently

Continuously staring at the digital screen causes the eyes to become dry. For this, you have to keep blinking your eyes again and again. You have to remind yourself to blink. So, that the eyes get time to relax.

Stop for a while

Continuously working on digital screens increases the chances of digital eye strain. For this, you can take small breaks after 30 minutes. A small break means eliminating the eyes from the screen at a distance of 20 or 30 feet. Taking small breaks can make a big difference to the eyes.

Use computer glasses

Computer glasses are a useful tool to reduce the damage to the eyes or the effect on the eyes due to Digital Eye Strain. Computer glasses have rapidly become a popular digital eye strain prevention tool. It adjusts the distance between the eyes and the screen.

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