Is your spine healthy or do you have occasional or regular back or neck pain? Like millions of people around the world, you may be suffering from muscle strain along your spine.

The good news is that there are good habits that can help improve spinal strength and mobility and help prevent and relieve pain from neck and back injuries. For spine care, visit Specialty Care Clinic, we provide quality spine care in Texas. Read on for important tips for a healthy spine.

spine health tips

Eat well and maintain a healthy weight

Proper nutrition plays an important role in maintaining a healthy spine. Eating foods that are high in calcium and contain essential nutrients and vitamins can help prevent spinal diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight reduces pressure on your spine. A combination of healthy weight and exercise can reduce the risk of back injuries.

Lift properly

Improperly lifting heavy objects puts strain on the muscles in your lower back and can lead to back injuries and painful muscle strains. Improper body posture when lifting heavy objects can also lead to locked spinal joints and torn discs.

Proper lifting is more than just bending your knees. Make sure to use your hips when you lift heavy weights, not your back. Push your chest forward with the help of your abdominal muscles. These simple tips will prevent you from pulling on the muscles in your spine which can cause a lot of pain.

Check your posture

Do you find yourself slouching on the couch at work or at home? Many people have poor posture and don’t realise it. If you look at a picture of your spine, you can see that it has a natural curve. And it’s important that your sitting posture should support these curves. If your posture goes against the natural curve of your spine, it can damage sensitive nerves in your spine. First, stretch and walk as much as you can, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Make sure your desk and office chair are aligned to support your spine. Many offices purchase ergonomic chairs and furniture for their employees.

Get yourself a stand-up desk where you can work for a few hours, or spend part of your day sitting on an exercise ball. These options are perfect for those who have the opportunity to work from home.

spine health clinic

Massage therapy

Massage therapy can benefit maintaining spinal health. It provides an excellent solution for effectively treating certain conditions of back injuries and pain. Some benefits of massage therapy are increased blood flow, relief of muscle pain in the spine, and increased levels of endorphins that permeate the spine. Massage therapy also helps improve sleep.

Walk regularly

Regular walks have many benefits. Walking nourishes your spine, strengthens your core and keeps your body upright. It also promotes flexibility and strengthens the bone structure. Always consult your doctor or chiropractor before you start walking. A professional will tell you how far you should walk. To minimise strain on your spine, take a dip in a pool or ocean.

Heat Therapy

It’s no secret that heat soothes muscles. But applying heat to your muscles also increases blood flow. Heat supplies your muscles with the essential nutrients your spine needs. Heat therapy relieves pain in joints and muscles near the spine. It is also known to alleviate muscle spasms. There are many heat therapy products that can be found on the market. Try a heating pad or heat pack. It delivers a low and uniform heat transfer over several hours. Other heat therapy methods include hot water bottles, hot baths, and warm gel packs.

Practise yoga and meditation

Studies have shown that meditation can effectively reduce chronic back pain. Practising yoga, tai chi, and mindful meditation have helped many people suffering from chronic back pain. Exercises that involve stretching and breathing seem to improve spine health. The most crucial thing is that you should practise consistently. Search for a yoga or meditation routine that suits you. When it comes to meditation techniques, everyone has different preferences.

If you are suffering from spine problems, visit Specialty Care Clinics for medical care. For booking an appointment call (469) 545-9983.

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