One of the most frequent forms of injuries is bone fractures (broken bones). However, prompt medical attention is essential for complete recovery. If the bone is immobilized by a brace, cast, or surgical procedure, which often uses plates and screws to hold it in place, it may typically regenerate.

The term “setting the bone” refers to the procedure which enables the two split sides to connect naturally, the body creates fresh bone tissue to bridge the gap and unite the pieces into a single bone.

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nonunion fracture treatment


Bone healing is a complex procedure. A nonunion, or when the bone does not repair, can happen if a fracture is not treated or if the bone pieces do not receive enough blood and nutrients (calcium).


If the pain, swelling, and tenderness continue to get worse until you get the treatment, you have a nonunion fracture. You could possibly get a fever or drain from the wound.

Nonunion occurs in 5–10% of the millions of bone fractures that occur each year in the United States. The bone regeneration process was unsuccessful in these circumstances.

Before, the only alternatives for therapy were intrusive procedures like revision surgery or bone grafting. Today’s sufferers with bone nonunion are lucky to have access to stem cell treatment. Many individuals with regenerative orthopedics have seen outstanding benefits from this non-invasive procedure.

stem cell treatment for nonunion fracture


The scaphoid (wrist), shin, talus (ankle), fifth metatarsal (foot), femoral neck (hip joint), and shoulder are the bones that are most likely to experience a nonunion because of the potential for insufficient blood supply to these bones.

Other danger signs include :

  • Osteomyelitis (bone infection)
  • Insufficient stability causes the pieces to split, or the distance between them prevents bone remodeling to bridge it.
  • The interposition of periosteum, muscle, or cartilage.
  • Biology of the patient (This includes elements like a medical condition or lifestyle choices that affect the immune response, body chemistry, or metabolism. For instance, smoking or using nicotine in any form, using painkillers like ibuprofen, aspirin, or prednisone, becoming older, or having diabetes or severe anemia.)

Bone tissue can develop from stem cells. In stem cell treatment, damaged tissue is repaired using stem cells. The bone fracture that is having a nonunion problem is treated with stem cells that the physicians extract from your bone marrow and inject near the fracture.

The best nonsurgical option for treating your fracture is stem cell therapy. The concentration of stem cells elevates recovery.

If you are suffering from a nonunion fracture, visit us for treatment. Our doctors will provide you with effective stem cell treatment, call us now.