Shoulder Pain – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment


Shoulder is one of the most important muscles of our body. This shoulder which is a part of your musculoskeletal framework has the main function of providing support. Ever heard of “giving shoulder to someone”.”

Yes, it signifies support and help to the needy person. So let us go ahead and check the anatomy of the shoulder and know how exactly it works.

Most of the movement of our hand is done with the help of shoulder muscle. The shoulder muscle works when the hands are rotated in any direction. Shoulder muscle exercises also affect our tricep muscles.

In bodybuilding, the desire for a “V” shape body always makes all bodybuilders work hard. In this article, we will share with you complete information about the shoulder muscles and the shoulder anatomy, so let’s start.

The shoulder is made up of three muscles, it is very important to know all three muscles of the shoulder. Of these three muscles, the back muscle of the shoulder is found to be the weakest.

Shoulder joint is a very essential part of your body and its important function is to provide a basic framework to your musculoskeletal structure. Here you need to know everything about your shoulder joint structure and function so that you can take care of your joints and muscles to have a healthy life.

What are the symptoms of shoulder pain?


  • Anterior Head Front Deltoid -This muscle is found in the front part of the shoulder.
  • Lateral Head Side Deltoid- This muscle is found in the side part of the shoulder.
  • Posterior Head Rear Deltoid- This muscle is found in the back part of the shoulder.

There are four parts of the shoulder. We all know the meaning of good shoulders. They give us a wide and strong look. If the chest is good but the shoulders are less, then the shape of the clothes is very bad, whereas if the chest is small but the shoulders are good, then the fitting of the clothes is good. Shoulders help in giving V shape to the body.

There are five parts of the shoulders in total and different exercises for each of those parts is a must to keep them in proper shape and health.That’s why it becomes important that you have the correct information about each part.

If you will know which place the muscles will be made by which exercise, then things will become easier for you. It may also be that you have been making a mistake for a long time about knowing the parts of your shoulders, which can be rectified after reading this article.

There are a total of four parts of the shoulder. These four parts are roughly divided into two parts.

  • Deltoids – This includes the entire circle of your shoulder, from front to back. It has three parts.
    Second – MEDIAL (SIDE) DELTS
  • Trapezius – The upper part of the back including the neck is called TRAPEZIUS. In this part there are rhomboids, which make the trapezius So overall you must have come to know about which muscles your shoulder is made of. Shoulder joint pain: Many times, due to negligence in getting up, sleeping incorrectly and lifting some heavy items, there is stiffness in the shoulder joint and then it turns into unbearable pain, due to ignorance and lack of attention. It keeps on increasing gradually and then it becomes very difficult to move the shoulder. According to research, the problem of pain in the shoulder joints is more common in women than men, it is considered quite common in middle-aged people.

causes of shoulder pain


The problem of pain in the shoulder joint is considered common in middle-aged people, but it can trouble young people at times and there are many reasons for this like-

  • Injuries
    It is common to have pain in the shoulder joints due to injuries in the shoulders, neck and biceps etc., sometimes this problem also occurs due to falling or lifting some heavy objects.
  • Nerve Compression
    Due to compression of the nerves of the shoulder and neck, pain starts in the arm bone and then this pain gradually spreads to the whole shoulder.
  • Dislocation
    Shoulder dislocation also causes pain in the shoulder joints. In this problem, the shoulder bone slips from its place, which can be very painful.
  • Spinal cord injury
    Injury to the spinal cord or due to muscle pain and stiffness also causes inability to feel in the shoulder joint, due to which you are unable to lift your arm.
  • Stretch
    During sports, due to strain, shoulder injury, hand turning in the wrong direction, lifting heavy items, stress on the shoulders during cricket, and muscle damage also causes pain in the shoulder joints, besides diabetes patients. This pain can also happen easily because there is a problem of inflammation in their muscles.

symptoms of shoulder pain


Apart from pain in the shoulder, pain in the shoulder joint can also be recognized by many other symptoms such as-

  • Feeling of pain when using the arms and shoulders in some work.
  • Feeling of tingling and numbness after touching the injured area.
  • Sudden severe pain in moving the arm and difficulty in eating and drinking.
  • The pain of the shoulder joint does not go away for months and years.
  • Stiffness of the shoulders in being able to lift anything.

shoulder pain treatment


In the initial days, shoulder joint pain can be cured with some home remedies and massage, but if it is still not cured, then instead of doing any experiment in such a situation, a doctor should be consulted. Doctors cure shoulder pain with some medical treatment, apart from this, there are many ways to get rid of this pain like-

  • Medicines
    First of all, the doctor gives some pain relief medicines, these medicines are applied by the doctor in the shoulder with the help of injection, while some tablets are prescribed so that the pain can be relieved as soon as possible.
  • Therapy
    When shoulder pain does not get better with any treatment, doctors recommend some therapy, in which attempts are made to immobilize the shoulder with the help of physical therapy and shoulder immobilizer.
  • Surgery
    When the pain in the shoulder joint is not cured by any kind of treatment, then surgery is needed in such a serious condition, in which the doctor performs the shoulder surgery and corrects the dislocation.
  • Exercise
    Exercise daily to get rid of shoulder pain, try to do some light exercise in the initial days, then gradually increase your capacity, by doing this your shoulders will remain active and there will be no problem in working.
  • Educate
    Compress the shoulders for 15 to 20 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day, compressing the shoulders with ice cubes also provides relief. You can also apply ice packs if you want.

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