Comprehensive Overview of Scapula Fracture


Scapular fracture is very rare and always neglected by most of us. If you are dealing with scapular fracture, here is the need to take care of the scapula injury at the right time and get immediate medical care for better recovery and relief.

scapula fracture


If there was a person with symptoms suggestive of a fracture of the blade, then he needed help to transport the patient to the hospital before ambulance or on his own:

  • Give any painkillers pills.
  • Put a small pad of cotton wool or roller of several twisted bandages next to it.
  • To make any cold compress (not to freeze the skin to be exerted by means of food, diapers or sheets from the freezer) to the injury site.
  • To put the fixing bandage with a piece of cloth hand pinned against your chest, so the blood vessels and nerves to avoid further injury to the bone.
  • Patients in the hospital only need to move to a sitting position.

These rules will help avoid additional complications and severe pain for the affected person.


Fracture of the scapula is very rare, but it can define any trauma or surgery. Patients on palpation at the impact point can be diagnosed with special expertise of the doctor.

To confirm the diagnosis:

  • X-ray examination in two projections.
  • Results can 100% confirm or rule out an early diagnosis.


  • Any type of fracture is necessary to initially anesthetize the site of injury.
  • At home, you need to take a pill anesthetic.
  • At hospital, one can take an injection for pain into the fracture site.

Fracture of Shoulder Blade Offset

  • The pressure is applied with a roller under the bandage arm.
  • In this treatment, the patient heals after 3-4 weeks.
  • Repair does not take place in at least 5-6 weeks.
  • In severe cases, surgery is performed with joint injuries.
  • This method is not used so often, when diagnosed with scapular fractures.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation are more complicated and longer after it.

Type of stabilization for Scapular Fracture

  • Fixing the hand in a particular position helps knit the blades together properly.
  • Fixation with plaster is now rarely used.
  • The modern counterpart of stabilization is much more convenient.

Scapula Fracture- Shoulder Blade Fracture


  • It breathes under the skin, and there is no plaster rash, especially in summer.
  • In addition, when inserting a bandage, the patient experiences less discomfort and pain.
  • The process is quick. Such a convenient bandage to carry around with the dress.
  • The discomfort is experienced by patients while wearing minimal clothing.
  • The flexion of the neck is held in place by several other methods of stabilization.
  • The first skeletal stretching occurs in cervical dislocation. This process takes about 4 weeks. The hand is then placed on a specially designed pillow


  • The turning of the shoulder blade is not as harmless as it seems.
  • During treatment, the bones of the forearm may become dislocated.
  • This is due to the inability to retain the blade head fragments of the forearm.
  • The cartilage in the shoulder joint suffered during these injuries.
  • Over time, patients in this place can develop arthritis.
  • Displaced fracture face of blade deformation.
  • It is accompanied by pain and unpleasant distress.

Delayed in surgery can lead to old sprain, muscle atrophy, neuralgia between the ribs, stiffness in hand movement.

The person may lose efficiency completely and remain handicapped.

It is important to respond at the time of the scapula fracture. The consequences of a negative character will be reduced to a minimum.

Rehabilitation after scapular surgery

  • From the first day after scapula surgery, immobilization is necessary to deal with physical therapy.
  • Rehabilitation should be carried out by specialists.
  • No exercise is needed on its own, either; you can cause damage to the affected bone.
  • It is necessary to spend a few sessions under the supervision of an experienced doctor.
  • After that, you can continue practicing at home.
  • You should start with some exercises for the fingers then progressing towards hands, arms and shoulder joint.
  • All processes are performed gradually with low physical stress load and pressure.

So, make sure that you take care of all these factors if you are dealing with a broken scapula or shoulder. Early diagnosis and intervention is the key to recovery and relief.

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