Rehabilitation Services and Therapies


Rehabilitation is care that will let you get again, maintain, or improve abilities that you generally look for in your day to day life. Rehabilitation is the technique of helping a person attain the best degree in functioning, independence, and to achieve the best lifestyle.

The motive of rehabilitation is to provide a proper treatment to an affected person’s physical, sensory, and intellectual competencies that had been misplaced because of any kind of damage, injury, infection, or disease.

Rehabilitation services are very much needed to those who have lost the capacity to control their daily functions which happens generally, frequently due to damage, a stroke. Rehabilitation is a wide category, which consists of a number of different fields of expertise.

Rehabilitation Services


Rehabilitation services offerings help individuals go back to everyday lifestyles and live in a regular or close to ordinary way. These services may additionally encompass therapies such as physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and cognitive therapy, language therapy, and intellectual health rehabilitation services.

Rehabilitation contains an extensive range of undertakings along with rehabilitative medical therapy which is to assist and support patients.People with disabilities should at least have a right to get the preferred treatment and appropriate rehabilitation services.


The first step under the rehabilitation process is to carry out an in-depth interview with the affected person and considerable others. The 2d step includes administering a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation to arrive at a specific neuropsychological profile of the individual.

Rehabilitation assists any age group of people right from a small child, to an elderly person to be impartial to undertake all the ordinary activities easily and enables participation in education, workplace, exercise and meaningful existence roles along with looking after your family.


There are Types of rehabilitation which are divided into 3 types which are occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Each type of rehabilitation serves a unique purpose in helping people to attain complete recuperation, but all these types also depend on the goal of helping the affected person return to a healthful and energetic lifestyle.

1. Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists offer occupational therapy (OT) treatments to assist individuals who require specialised help to participate in ordinary kinds of things or “occupations.” Occupations don’t simply consult like how your work life or your work process should be, however it can make you have a reference with self-care practices, ordinary obligations and leisure activities.

The purpose of occupational therapy is to assist people take part inside the general things and activities to make them understand what they need or need to do to live an impartial and gratifying life-style.

Occupational therapists help by making changes to things that hinder someone’s ability to complete tasks such as eating, dressing, brushing one’s teeth, completing general daily activities and working. Modifications may include changing the way the task is approached, changing the environment in which the task is completed or helping a person develop skills necessary to complete certain tasks.

Who needs occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy can be helpful to the persons of every age group, from newborns to seniors olderly people. There are many ways wherein occupational therapy can assist those individuals, which are :-

Children with physical disabilities might need a therapist to assist them increase their coordination like how to feed themselves, how to use a pc or enhance their handwriting.

Adults who are suffering from depression may require recommendations from a therapist to re-engage in daily routine progressively and in a manner that maximizes their possibilities for achievement. A man or woman who has misplaced the capacity to hold anything because of any damage or an injury may visit a therapist to regain grip energy and adjust moves which will feed themselves independently.

Seniors who are having physical barriers can also need to assist a therapist to take part in any general activities they love in new and changed ways.Those who’ve suffered a spinal injury can also require therapist intervention to help them avoid moves or behaviors which can worsen their accidents.

Corporate experts may work with a therapist to create a greatest work/life balance designed to reduce pressure and maximize health or regulate their work environment primarily based on ergonomic principles. A man or woman who has gone through a brain injury and misplaced cognitive function may also require a therapist to assist them with duties inclusive of applying to jobs or submitting university applications.

2. Physical Therapy

Physical therapists offer treatment generally to those people who are experiencing pain or trouble in functioning, shifting or dwelling in their life typically.

Physical therapy is usually used to relieve ache, development motion, By providing a rehabilitation after a stroke, damage or surgery, assist in restoration after giving beginning, help in the healing of sports-related accidents, educate people how to use devices along with walkers and canes, and also how to manage persistent ailments like heart disorder or arthritis, and much more.

If Physical therapy is usually recommended with the aid of your physician, a therapist will begin by assessing your mobility, balance, heartbeat, posture and how well you can walk or climb steps. From there, your therapist will make and create a plan to ease signs and help you regain capability or mobility.

Common Treatment Options for Physical Therapy Consist of:

  • Special exercises and stretches designed to alleviate pain, improve mobility or regain strength.
  • Massage, warmness or cold or ultrasound therapy to ease muscle ache and spasms.
  • Rehabilitation and exercises that will help you learn how to use an synthetic limb.
  • Practicing with gadgets that assist in motion or stability, which includes canes, crutches, walkers or wheelchairs.
  • Balance and gait retraining.
  • Pain control.
  • Cardiovascular strengthening.
  • Casting, splinting, burn care or use of orthotics (braces or splints)

3. Speech therapy

Speech therapists (or speech-language pathologists) offer treatment for the ones who’ve speech issues. This Speech therapy can help them to treat many types of issues concerning language, communication, voice, swallowing and fluency. For newborns, a speech therapist may additionally assist with situations which include cerebral palsy, cleft palate or Down syndrome that cause problems with drinking, swallowing or communicating.

Children with speech troubles which include stammering or a lisp can benefit from these kinds of activities which are underneath the practise of a therapist. Adults with gaining knowledge of difficulties or who’ve been under this kind of situation, might include stroke, neck or head most cancers, Parkinson’s disorder or dementia, also can visit and get the help of a speech therapist.

The goal of speech therapy is to combine the mechanics related to speech with the use of language. The quiet end result is to help the patient communicate in more beneficial and functional methods.

Common strategies used by speech therapists encompass language intervention activities (language drills to practice communication abilities), articulation remedy (demonstrating the way to move the tongue to create sure sounds), and feeding and swallowing therapy (tongue, lip and jaw sporting events designed to strengthen the muscle tissues of the mouth and throat).



  • Dyslexia – trouble reading accurately and fluently
  • Dyspraxia – trouble controlling muscle function for motion, coordination, language or speech
  • Aphasia – a lack of capacity to recognize or specific speech because of brain damage
  • Dysphagia – issue swallowing
  • Articulation issues – difficulty speaking in reality and making mistakes in sounds
  • Fluency problems – problem with the waft of speech, together with stuttering
  • Resonance or voice issues – difficulty with voice pitch, volume and excellent
  • Oral feeding problems – issue with ingesting, swallowing or drooling
  • Parkinson’s ailment
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Cleft palate
  • Down syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Huntington’s disorder
  • Cancer of the top, neck or throat

We provide the best Rehabilitation services and care to our patients by doing a different variety of diagnostic tests to recognise what are the main issues occuring which might be impacting their health. We then create a tailored treatment plan with our Chiropractors & Physical Therapist to help you meet or exceed your dreams.

Our methods are very beneficial which allow us to treat the entire frame of a patient’s body. Rehabilitation, exercising, & strength education could be used to help enhance your physical power, reduce pain & avoid recurrence of future accidents.

If you or anyone you know who needs rehabilitative services, our expert providers at Specialty Care Clinics will take care of your health and help you recover.

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