The Surging Pros and Cons of COVID in the Post COVID Normal



Every dark cloud has a silver lining: Pros and Cons of COVID-19 on generic terms have certainly brought the world to a grinding halt. It has left a trail of tears as well as uncertainty. On a personal note, there would be people losing someone very precious to them. This lonely passing away without final goodbyes would be tough to endure. Despite this, the doctors continue to tread on the path of realistic optimism as well as positive resilience with the advent of the pros and cons of the Covid 19 vaccine as well.

What Pros and Cons have been witnessed in the wake of post-COVID normal?


It is raining with uncertainty being a vulnerable calamity COVID-19 has placed millions of lives at risk and everybody was struck with utmost uncertainty and witnessed a vulnerable calamity. The ones who thought that they were resilient, their family was safe, sheltered at home and healthy were optimistic in the beginning. They thought they had encountered terrible earthquakes, volcano eruptions, typhoons, and hurricanes. Everyone thought that even this phase would pass away. But after consecutive weeks when this COVID- 19 was becoming as massive as a calamity there came a downfall in the optimism and it became really hard to stay optimistic. Pros and Cons of COVID-19 for students have been a sudden and abrupt breakdown of their routine schedule.



  • Creativity:  A lot of creativity has been acquired by mothers, with schools being closed and the clock no longer running the children’s lives and routine schedules anymore. This lack of regimented routine has left room for expressiveness as well as ingenuity shaping a deeper bonding between others and their children. This ingenuity could be in the form of music production, creating art as well as exploring online coding. Kids are cherishing these non-curriculum books without time becoming the stress factor creating undue pressure on children.
  • Self-discipline: Since the physical lockdown and homeschooling scenario, the children have adopted their very own structure of learning by developing self-made daily calendars blended with study, exercise, and game times. This homeschooling scenario has made children self-dependent and uplifted their sense of early maturity.
  • Family Bonding and Sense of Responsibility: The social distancing and isolation restrictions have been permitting time for family inbound movies, board games, help with household chores, and accepting responsibility in the dual-physician household which is extended assistance to elderly grandparents or younger siblings. Some of them become the pros and cons of COVID-19 for students for spending their valuable study time with the family and allowing them to homeschool.

Have you ever gauged the pros and cons of COVID


  • Confusion: As there is an abrupt closure of schools, majorly parents were in a loss and unprepared stage and are now compelled to homeschool their children. There exists a steep learning curve for the students, teachers, and parents on how to proceed and migrate towards the new conceptual world of “virtual learning.” This is the darker aspect of the pros and cons of COVID-19 for students.
  • The Double Role: In major households, women hold the maximum responsibility of maintaining their house in order. In this pandemic, all the women would have endured the double magnified role as ever as a legend in the history of women’s significance. Even in most dual-physician households, women hold the brunt of the entire household being the logistics of the everyday routine, homeschooling, grocery shopping, and so on. And the woman of the house is expected to remain on the frontlines of every activity whether it be work or the household. So Women ,in general, have managed the equilibrium of the pros and cons of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Absence of Support: With the closure of schools and daycares, most health care workers have been expected to report to work. Grandparents who have been the support system in handling childcare were suddenly out of the equation as there has been a stringent effort to restrict their exposure. Baby caretakers were unwilling to report to work as the same fear of exposure haunted their mindset. Most of the working Moms were then left with the stress of straddling between clinical schedules and childcare/homeschooling. This has triggered stress in the pros and cons of COVID-19 for students.
  • Fear, Worry, and Anxiety: Majorly health care workers’ massive fear is about whether they would be bringing coronavirus at home. Worried mothers started wearing scrubs as well as commenced the new ritual of removing clothes in the laundry room subsequently heading straight to the shower for thorough decontamination. Anxious children have been constantly and persistently reassured that if they take precautions then the family would remain safe from getting infected or exposed to the virus. These devastating pros and cons of COVID-19 have been encountered during this pandemic.



Adaptability: As physicians by profession, these medical knights have portrayed a positive pivotal role to the world by being extremely malleable and adaptable. It is indeed a matter of pride and honor to witness that these physicians have stepped out of their comfort zones to handle and manage ventilators, volunteer in emergency departments and ICUs. Their tenacious efforts have resulted in positive pros and cons of the COVID-19 vaccine which is commendable in its truest sense.

It is time for introspection of COVID Vaccine?


Uncertainty: Physicians all over the globe have moved towards each other on how to best manage and handle a novel virus. What is the clinical course? Spread? Most vulnerable population? Normally these perplexing questions were answered by random clinical trials or meta-analyses, but on the brink of a pandemic, physicians are witnessing a treatment with unknown treatment measures- these form one of the pros and cons of COVID which has left the medical health professionals with many unknown critical questions. All treatments are trial and error. A surging question among the minds of physicians is whether they are trained enough to function and accept this uncertainty? Their minds were in the doldrums that whether they were learning as they proceed further in the medical field and are capable in a perfect manner to contribute definitive plans for patients is extremely distressing and worrisome. The upcoming vulnerability of the pros and cons of the COVID-19 vaccine is also a stress trigger in itself.



  • Kindness: The all-pervasive global suffering in the form of pros and cons of COVID has resulted in introspection about being kind to ourselves as well as encouraging every fellow human being to establish bridges across geographical barriers. The tough times of this pandemic have made fellow human beings more sensitive to others’ difficulties and empathetic towards others’ emotions as everyone and all are sailing in the same boat. The establishment of mental health support groups, exchanging views over PTSD, stress, making masks as well as volunteering to assist in hotspot areas are a few of the humble and kind gestures that surged up in this shared suffering of the coronavirus pandemic having multiple pros and cons of this covid in general.
  • Humility and humbleness: The philosophical and deeper side of life is the grounding patch. Humans are not indestructible and life always remains unpredictable. The pandemic has emphasized and highlighted these real truths and distant statements very crystal clear for every fellow human being. Every fellow human being has learned that nature must not be taken for granted. Nobody would have imagined that there would be a prediction six months ago that the world would come to a standstill at the mercy and power of a virus in this day and age when mankind always feels proud of its conquest over nature. The need to remain grounded and humble maintains every fellow human being on their guard of consciousness without living a reckless life in an endeavor not to overstep natural boundaries. This deep and serious moral of life has been portrayed by the pros and cons of COVID 19.
  • Financial Factor: With the ever-increasing economic pressure, fellow human beings have learned the value of prudence backed with finances and savings. The “Save for the rainy day” maxim has matched the scenario for these harsh times. Moreover, it has opened people’s hearts to pursue philanthropy and charitable actions as a sturdy support for gauging the pros and cons of the COVID-19 vaccine in particular.
  • Advocacy: Demographics have emphasized racial as well as economic disparities in pros and cons of COVID-19 survival as well as results causing the fellow human being another reason to become a revolutionary instrument for change towards equality. Most of the time health care policies feel like they don’t possess adequate perspectives portrayed by physician scientific views. This dreadful pandemic has reiterated the necessity for physicians to empower themselves with a stronger voice in health care policies instead of just being mere silent witnesses to the eventual circumstances.
  • Renewed Respect: The world at large has realized the selfless service of healthcare workers during these tough dire times. While at the same time fellow human beings have learned the lessons of not craving for laurels and acquired the importance of gratitude that kindles the service spirit being the most important pros and cons of covid typically being an eye-opener in itself.

COVID-19 has taught humanity a lot?


  • Anger: Conspiracy theorists began to come out as quick as this pandemic started screaming. There was a feeling of tremendous anger in the minds of these theorists claiming this pandemic as it is all fake. These pros and cons of COVID-19 deniers have the opinion that this pandemic is a hoax and possess total disregard for social distancing. As most of the individuals were quarantined at home. So these theorists continued spreading misleading information about the entire pandemic scenario. This group of theorists angered a lot of health care workers who happened to sacrifice their lives and their families.
  • Social Isolation: By default, man is a social animal by nature. The adoption of necessary social distancing norms leads to more nefarious cousins being social isolation. Everyone has realized and acknowledged that they have missed their family as well as friends. Everyone has missed traveling and eating out. These have been the pros and cons of COVID. COVID-19 being the ugly, unusual and new reality has been affecting most people and could trigger PTSD, anxiety, fear, substance abuse as well as loneliness.
  • Dejection and Disappointment: This pandemic has been demanding at least a nationwide approach if not a worldwide approach. With all the possible uncertainties, the lack of direction and the required leadership has become more prevalent leading to an increase in the number of deaths as well as failure to truly flatten the curve by studying the pros and cons of COVID in detail.
  • Sadness: By perceiving how fragile and fickle this world has become in the mere hands of a deadly virus, the world would never remain the same even after this vicious enemy retreat. All the deaths, financial loss in the form of low income, economic downfall, global suffering, and the uncertain future have left fellow human beings totally lost and helpless in the trap of covid-19 and its pros and cons


It has been observed that there have been various mental and physical threats related to the current pandemic and consecutive limitations gauging the pros and cons of COVID. Child and adolescent psychiatrists must ensure persistent care and precaution are taken during all the phases of this pandemic peculiarly as far as the pros and cons of COVID for students are concerned. COVID-19 allied mental health risks would disproportionately adversely impact children and adolescents who are primarily suffering and marginalized owing to the ill effects of this pandemic. An endeavor of ongoing research is much needed to evaluate the repercussions of policies that are enacted to manage and deal with the pandemic on the mental health grounds of children and adolescents along with a detailed study of the pros and cons of COVID would describe a better picture. This would assist to estimate and evaluate the risk/benefit ratio of measures such as homeschooling to remain prepared for future developments in a better manner and perspective.

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