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At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced a form of intense pain. Whether it’s from playing a sport, getting into a car accident or even having your hand slammed into a door, pain happens. Although pain is a common occurrence amongst us all, when is the right time to make a doctor’s appointment for it?

If you have persistent pain that lasts for several weeks, your primary doctor should consider referring you to a pain management doctor. A pain management specialist focuses on finding the root cause of your pain. Understanding this body pain is the first step towards recovery. At Specialty Care Clinics, we are introducing two new pain management doctors to help our patients experience relief. Dr. Mohammad Zulqarnain and Dr. Rao Kamran Ali are highly-experienced and ready to improve their patients’ lives.

Pain management doctors at SCC most commonly treat sport injuries, auto injuries and chronic pain. In this article, I will be discussing and describing these three forms of injury management and their treatment plans.


Chronic pain is an annoying or severe pain that lasts for months and sometimes even years. Even after the injury or illness initially causing the pain has healed or gone away, chronic pain can still continue. The four most common forms of chronic pain are back pain, headaches, joint pain and nerve pain.

Suffering with chronic pain goes beyond just hurting. Chronic pain is linked to medical conditions like fibromyalgia, cancer and arthritis. Vast amounts of stress are also placed on the body while suffering from chronic pain which contributes to producing negative physical conditions. The stress creates physical conditions like tense muscle, low energy, appetite changes and limited mobility.

On top of physical and medical conditions linked to chronic pain, an emotional toll is taken as well. Chronic pain can cause mental health illnesses including depression, anger, anxiety and the overwhelming fear of re-injuring yourself.

Common pain treatment medications used at SCC are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin. We also use acetaminophen (Tylenol) and antidepressants to help improve sleep. Anti-seizure medications can be effective in treating pain related to nerve damage. In order to relieve inflammation and more severe pain, steroids like dexamethasone and prednisone.

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Some of the most frustrating and heartbreaking injuries our doctors see come from athletes. Your body is your instrument in the world of athletics. Therefore, in order to perform at your best, it’s extremely important to understand the physical demands your sport requires from your body and how to condition your muscles properly.

You should see a pain management specialist for your sports injury if the pain progresses past feeling sore. Feeling sore after a hard day of practice or after a sporting event is normal. If the pain persists for several days, you should consider seeing a pain management doctor. Significant swelling, numbness, decreased mobility and a lingering ache are all reasons to book an appointment with Dr. Zulqarnain and Dr. Ali.

At SCC, you can access the expertise presented by our providers who have worked with elite-level athletes. The multi-disciplinary approach we take sees that our highly regarded team is able to combine treatments to get you beter as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, car accidents happen daily on roads all across the world. While some can be classified as fender benders, others prove highly severe and may result in death. After an auto injury, you should see a pain management doctor almost immediately after. Knowing the extent of your injuries soon after the incident is important for your overall well being. Sometimes, car accident injury symptoms don’t show themselves until later. Seeing a pain management doctor will help find those hidden injuries.

The services we offer our patients depend on their specific circumstances. We offer evaluation, diagnostics, treatment and physical therapy. Some of the most common auto injuries we deal with are fractured bones, neck sprains, concussions, brain injuries, arm and leg injuries, skin abrasions and whiplash.

Pain happens, but it shouldn’t take over your life. Our providers at SCC are ready and willing to improve the quality of all human life. Experience relief and recovery from your pain and injury.

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