In America, an estimated 10 million population suffer from osteoporosis of which about eight million (80% population) are women. Due to osteoporosis, women over the age of 50 are more likely to break a bone.

As seen, generally women start losing bone density around the age of 30 which increases the risk of osteoporosis with increasing age and bones becomes thinner. After menopause, the bone starts losing density and becomes thinner which gives rise to conditions related to osteoporosis. Menopause often happens between the age of 50 to 53 years.

Women suffer more from osteoporosis than men because of a hormone known as Estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for maintaining good bone health or mass. After menopause, these hormones fall down at high speed affecting bone health. There are many other factors that can cause osteoporosis. Check your hormone level with Specialty Care Clinics specialized tests for a particular condition.

Factors that can be the reason for osteoporosis:

  • In human anatomy, women are found to have thinner bone structures than men.
  • After menopause, the estrogen hormones start decreasing.
  • If women have irregular periods
  • Cancer patients
  • If removed ovaries from surgery
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Eating disorders or malnutrioned
  • Smoking or alcohol consumption
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • If already have other bone-related diseases


Since osteoporosis is mainly linked to menopause that does not mean there aren’t any other factors affecting it. You should always keep the habits that help in maintaining good bone health. There are some natural ways in which women can prevent the risk of osteoporosis early as well as in old age.

  • Quit smoking as early as possible

As written in the packet itself as a warning sign “smoking is injurious to health” even though people smoke. It has substances that directly affect your health. Smoking causes a loss of bone density at an early age. Smoking reduces the level of estrogen (a hormone that helps in retaining minerals and absorb calcium from food for bone health).

  • Exercise often

Regular exercises like pushing, pulling, stretching, lifting some weights, etc. help in strengthening the bone structure and boost stamina too. Other activities like cycling, jogging, swimming, and walking provide flexibility to bones that ultimately protect from possible bone injuries or diseases. People who exercise often are found to have stronger bone health and less or no risk of osteoporosis. Get the help of an orthopedic doctor if you are already suffering from osteoporosis to recommend you some physical exercises in this condition.

Osteoporosis exercises

  • Do not consume alcohol

Developing drinking habits at an early age can be hard to quit. But, one can try reducing the consumption level slowly with increasing days. Having high consumption of alcohol increases the chances of osteoporosis. Building bone density starts from a young age and these bad habits restrict the development process.

  • Keep the body moving as much as possible

As people age, they start losing energy to do anything (become less active) and try to rest as much as possible which is not a very good sign of healthy bone structure. A body in rest rust more rapidly than a body in motion. Keeping oneself moving through activities like walking, jogging, yoga or other methods reduces the chances of bone loss and fracture.

Healthy diet plan for bones

  • Maintain a healthy diet balance

Keeping the bone strong requires two main factors; one is Calcium and the other is Vitamin D, this two help in maintaining a firm bone structure. Consume leafy vegetables, dairy products, fruits, and nuts more in your diet. For vitamin D get yourself out in the early morning sun or grab healthy sunlight.

  • Maintain the healthy weight

Keep eye on your weight. Having extra weight and being underweight both can be a problem in maintaining healthy bone structure. An underweight person may have a high risk of fracture compared to a balanced weight. Being overweight or people who have obesity adversely affects bone health. Obesity altered the mechanism of bone-regulating hormones and also bone cell metabolism.

Healthy habits for healthy bone

Taking care of bones should start from an early age before it gets too late. At Specialty Care Clinics, we care about this and hence provide a special orthopedic doctor for the treatment of osteoporosis. To book an appointment call us at (469) 545-9983.

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