Every year thousands of construction workers are injured or killed because of on-the-job accidents.

As per the statistics –

False slips or trips take 39% of accidents,

Transportation incidents take 24% of accidents,

Contact with objects and equipments take 17% of accidents,

Exposure to harmful substances or environments take 15% of accidents,

Violence and other injuries by persons or animals take 3% of accidents,

Fires and explosions take 2% off accidents.

If we are somehow able to take care of falls, transportation related incidents and contact with objects and equipment, we would be able to take care of more than 75 percent of the construction worker faculties, and that is indeed a very large number.



Some of the basic causes which can lead to major injuries:

Housekeeping – Good housekeeping essentially involves keeping the construction site clean as it eliminates a major cause for slips and falls at the site, which is a major Hazard. It is important that the work area is kept tidy, good housekeeping prevents accidents, and a clean work site is a safe work site. Do not leave sharp objects lying around, as this can cause accidents, and ensure proper practices in disposing of construction waste, keeping tools properly, and maintaining proper supervision is very important to avoid any kind of injuries. This is why good housekeeping is a very important part of construction management. Parts of scaffolding, reinforcing bars, bits and pieces of concrete, aggregate, and nails should not be allowed to be left all over the place. There need to be a proper cleaning that has to be ensured especially in areas where people walk more frequently. If it is impossible to do that at a particular point in time, those areas should be barricaded.

Excavation – excavation means that as far as ground is concerned, removing a part of the ground and this removal of earth and its disposition somewhere is basically what excavation is. So let’s know what kinds of issues are involved as far as construction safety is concerned relating to excavation work: excavation poses a threat due to the collapse of sites, fall into the excavated area, or danger to nearby areas.

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So let’s know what are the kind of options or what are kind of measures need to be taken as far as excavation-related issues are concerned, the first thing that comes remind is a work permit before commencing work.

  • Barricade all excavated areas appropriately and put up suitable warning signs.
  • Ensure that the sides of the pit are short before going down to work.
  • Ensure that proper access is provided before entering any excavation and not the position of this Access.
  • If any shift or distress in the shoring is noticed, it should be acted upon before continuing with the excavation.
  • Never do anything that is likely to endanger yourself or others.
  • Special attention to loads and vibrations in the neighborhood.

Excavation hazards

Working at height – Ladders should be used for access only for a limited period of work. It should not be made a practice that works at a certain height and is carried out with the workman on the ladder for a long period of time. Ladders cause accidents if they are improperly fitted, and not properly secured when stepped upon with greasy substance, that is the shoes or not proper, and there could be so many other factors.

So you should take some precautions while working with leaders like do not use defective ladders, making sure ladders are properly secured and tied before use, do not place a ladder on loose material or lean it against fragile material, and if a ladder cannot be secured at the lower end, coworkers should hold it firmly at the ground, ladders should extend at least 1 m above the landing, avoiding working of a ladder for a long time, only one person at a time should climb on the ladder, no materials should be carried in hands while using ladders, all ladders should be periodically inspected and cleared for use.

Scaffolding also can happen because of accidents in the case of the collapse of scaffolds, falls from scaffolds, and falls of materials. And some of the Preventive measures are scaffolds should be erected, modified, and dismantled by competent persons only, should be a fully flat platform with a minimum width of 600 mm and suitably tied to the structure, all platforms should have guardrails, and toeboard, and bracings on all four sides.

Falling from heights also can create fall of materials, fall of persons, and collapse of structures. And required actions should be such as do not work on the edges of buildings that are not barricaded, using proper access to climb up scaffolds, do not cross any openings.

Every construction management should have a fall arrest system. It is a system used to arrest an employee while falling from a working level, it consists of an anchorage, connectors, a Dee ring, a body belt, or body harness and may include a lannard, declaration device, or lifeline.

Electrical safety – It is another common problem that leads to injuries to people, shocks, etc. And also a major cause of the fire, the hazards include burns, slips, fire, and electrocution. And some safety measures for electrical hazards are such as installing earth leakage circuit breakers at all work sites, providing weather and overload protection to electric circuits, and always switching off the supply after using electrical equipment.

Recent statistics show that 27% of all workplace facilities tragically involved in construction workers or construction-related jobs have a disproportionately large share of very serious or even fatal injuries.

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