Lingering pain means the pain you are experiencing for a long time from an old injury, whether it can be a muscle sprain or fracture which is being left untreated over a period of time. It can develop the issues like arthritis in the future. It can also be called chronic pain. There can be a flare-up or sudden pain but not necessarily a new injury, it can be chronic pain or pain from an old injury even after years. Pain from an old injury can be long-lasting and can get mild to intense with a poorly managed lifestyle.

To find out the root cause and the right treatment process get a diagnosis at Specialty Care Clinics. We have a specialized doctor to understand all bone-related ailments and their cure.

Lingering pain can be reduced or cured with the right approach to treatment and other procedures.

Lingering pain treatment


Sometimes we are having pain but we happen to ignore it at first, if it is light and eventually it gets worse with time as you don’t pay attention until it happens to be a hurdle in your daily routine. Then some people seek the doctor’s help but some people still continue to ignore the things and take a break from their daily workouts, then continue doing it as the pain settles down or they start feeling good again. That means they leave the injury unattended which can cause lingering pain in your body organs.

With any type of injury, your body becomes weak and generally is not able to cope with the injury on its own. So try to give the body what it takes to heal the pain and consult the doctor as soon as the pain triggers the same spot on which you have been injured earlier. Because taking rest does not always eliminate the pain as it just takes away for only some time.

Lingering pain from old injury


It usually depends upon the type of pain you are having or the organ which is hurting. Also sometimes, after bearing so much pain you can get mentally exhausted, and then it becomes difficult to manage your daily life routine with that much pain. So, to cope with your mental health, these are the following instructions which you can follow-

  • Chiropractor care helps in treating old injury flare through its various methods and techniques. If there is a misalignment of the joint that is ailing, it is treatable through chiropractic care.
  • Do some activities to manage your stress, engage yourself in some mindful games, read some books, do painting, or can listen to music.

Physical activity for pain relief

  • Physical therapy can work as strength restoring agent if you have suffered from any injury. It helps in treating the symptoms of injury after the treatment procedure that causes lingering pain constantly. It helps to keep the body in motion with consistent physical activities.
  • Do some warm-ups in your everyday life or try to add yoga to your routine as it helps your muscles to relax and come back to their original position.
  • Talk to yourself once a day as the pain is not bigger than your thoughts and it can become what you want it to be. Don’t think that you are weaker than your pain, it is always that your inner strength is more powerful.
  • Consult a professional, if you are continuously feeling overwhelmed with chronic pain then you need to consult the doctor as soon as possible. As again leaving the pain untreated or unattended may cause severe pain in the near future.

To know more about preventive measures read our other blogs on chronic pain and management and get to know the exact causes and possible treatment methods. If the pain is occurring from any bone-related injury then Specialty Care Clinics also offer specialized treatment of bone injuries.

One can not live with pain permanently and have an easy life. That is why Specialty Care Clinics provide a procedural treatment for the pain occurring due to any previous injury. To know more about the pain flaring conditions call us at (469) 545-9983.

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