Always having a preoccupied mind with serious diseases is also a kind of psychopathy. This is called hypochondriasis. Let us know why such a problem occurs.

You must have seen some people around you who get worried considering even a minor headache as a symptom of brain tumor. Such people always live in the fear that they might get some serious disease. These people are always thinking about diseases only. If a person clearly shows such symptoms, then he should be alert as it can be a symptom of a serious psychological problem like hypochondriasis.


  • Always searching about diseases on health related websites.
  • Linking even a minor symptom to a serious disease.
  • Being so apprehensive about the fear of infection or allergies that it affects the daily routine of the person.
  • Due to extra vigilance in the matter of food and drink, such people do not eat many things for fear of illness, which deprives them of essential nutrients.
  • In the apprehension of some serious illness, such people keep getting many unnecessary medical tests done. They do not trust anyone, doctor or pathologist. For this reason, they consult many doctors but are unable to start their treatment.
  • People suffering from this problem are definitely worried thinking about diseases but do not like to go to the doctor.
  • There is a fear in their mind that my life may be in danger due to the side effects of medicines. Such people become more nervous in the presence of the doctor. They are afraid that the doctor may not tell them about any serious disease.

Hypochondriasis Post Covid


It is seen that children who are raised in a highly protected environment are more prone to this disease. If someone has suffered a serious illness in childhood or has seen a family member suffering from a similar problem, or the untimely death of a close person can also lead to symptoms of this psychiatric disorder. Many times symptoms of this disease are also seen in patients with anxiety or depression.


This problem affects a person’s life on many levels. Unnecessary worry about illness affects the appetite, thirst, and sleep of a person, making him very physically weak. It is a waste of time and money because of the habit of always going to hospitals.

Causes of Hypochondriasis


By the way, every person is conscious about physical health and wants to avoid diseases. But some people have such an illusion that they have some disease from which they are impossible to avoid. This condition is called a hypochondriac. If you are also afraid of diseases and death, then you must have done these things once in your lifetime.

Diseases Oriented Mind

If you are suffering from this disease, then in this case you trust google doctor instead of a professional medical qualified doctor. That is, if you have any disease from headache to fever, then you do not go to the doctor without doing research about it.

Always looking into the Pills For Prescription

You can’t wait to go to the doctor, you feel like you might die in the meantime. You start your own research on the internet and take medicine. No medical degree is required for this according to hypochondriasis

A chemist is just a drug supplier but why do you want to make him your friend? Obviously, hypochondriacs feel that after befriending him, when you go to him for medicine, he will not ask you for a prescription.

Always Diagnosing

You have learned about your symptoms very well on the internet. Now you start teaching your doctor for your treatment. You don’t care how angry the doctor may be which can be misleading for you.

Feeling of Suspiciousness

Of course, the doctor tells you clearly about all the things after the checkup but you always feel that he is doing the wrong treatment. You feel as though his medical degree doesn’t match your internet knowledge.

You can look for people who can talk to you about your issues. Because now your friends don’t entertain you. Obviously, you have already overindulged by talking about the never-ending diseases related to you.

Symptoms of Hypochondriasis

Feeling of Dying

You tend to overestimate some of your health problems and base these facts on the fact that you are going to die. Over time you have come to understand that your fears were unfounded, but you never learned them.

Being prone to serious diseases is also a type of psychiatry, and needs special attention

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