In the medical world and on social media, Ozempic has recently gained a lot of attention. The medicine Ozempic, also known by its generic name semaglutide, was first created to help individuals with type 2 diabetes regulate their insulin levels, however, there have been instances of people using it off-label for weight reduction. Nevertheless, there is also another debate involving Ozempic and medications of a similar nature causing the unfavourable “Ozempic face” side effect. Although “Ozempic face” is not a medical term, experts say that the skin sags and appears thin as a result of significant weight loss. We’ll understand the factors that contribute to “Ozempic face” or a sagging face and give suggestions on how to do so while dieting.

Tips to reduce Ozempic face

It’s important to understand how losing weight might alter your facial appearance. Our skin may become less elastic as we age, causing it to sag or look old. Like it did with “Ozempic face,” rapid weight reduction can speed up that process and leave many individuals feeling self-conscious about how they look.

Elastin and collagen production decline with age in the skin. These proteins are necessary for preserving the structure and flexibility of the skin. Elastin makes the skin resilient and enables it to recover after being stretched. The closely woven threads of collagen give skin its firmness. Unfortunately, carrying extra weight for a long time can damage these fibres, making it difficult for the skin to return to its original state when it comes to weight loss. If a person loses 100 pounds or more, they can experience severe skin sagging. This is especially true if the weight loss is rapid (as with “Ozempic face”) and if the person is over 40 years old.


Avoid Smoking and drinking alcohol:- In addition to nicotine, which prevents nutrients from reaching your skin and causes wrinkles and dry skin, cigarettes also contain compounds that reduce the flexibility of your skin. The same is true for excessive alcohol intake, which can dry your skin and speed up the ageing and sagging of your skin.

Go Slow:- It’s crucial to lose weight slowly if you want to do it with a restricted diet and frequent exercise. Fad diets may appear appealing in the short run, but they frequently have negative long-term effects. To lose weight and build muscle, you must eat a healthy diet and exercise frequently. Your skin has time to contract as a result of the slow weight loss, which stops it from sagging.

Ozempic Face Causes

Drink a lot of water:- Drinking two litres (about one and a half gallons) of water daily will moisturise your skin and help you get rid of pollutants. For individuals wishing to reduce pounds, tighten their skin after doing so, and obtain a generally healthy physique, this natural detox is fantastic. It will not only aid to tighten and smooth your skin, but it will also help to detoxify your body of harmful toxins. To benefit, be sure to consume lots of water.

Massage your face:- A short research found that using a hand-held massager in conjunction with an anti-ageing face lotion improved neck sagging and facial wrinkle reduction. Facial massages are a crucial component of avoiding fine lines and wrinkles since they assist to promote cell development and boost blood flow.

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