Covid-19 has not only affected the people who caught this virus but the people who have to stay at home and restrict themselves from any unwanted contact with others to not catch the infection. Among all those, there is a certain group of people who are performing their tasks while working from home, for example, IT professionals. This is the group of people who suffered the negative consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown process among all other affected groups.

People working on their laptops or on their screens are often found complaining about the symptoms of physical unrest in their bodies, like pain in the back and COVID-19 has been the major reason for all these health complications.

While working for hours in front of screens without any formal office-like setup at home, people are unable to maintain a straight-back posture at home.

Back pain from sitting


  • Find a place for an office-like setup– After the outburst of COVID-19, gives the opportunity of working remotely without the need to actually go to the office. But it provided the liberty to choose the position (sitting, standing, lying on the bed, or any ) for working at home. Without any proper setup working daily for long-long hours creates stress in your lower back which causes your whole back a type of discomfort. All this leads to back pain. To stop this set up an office-like working environment.
  • Try to find a comfortable chair– After setting up the official environment, look for the right, comfortable chair for yourself. A good sitting position for working long hours is the key to all problems. Avoid just sitting anywhere like a couch or sofa while working. An ideal chair keeps your spine straight and upright.
  • Exercise morning yoga and stretching– Before hitting the day, start with minimal stretches and do some yoga practice daily in the morning. This will release unnecessary tension created in your body and also helps to calm down your senses with all the stress. To prevent back pain, specifically focus on yoga poses for the back.
  • Support the lower back portion– There is a usual bend in the lower portion of the back when sitting for long hours that can cause unwanted stress over there and it can happen to many people. To prevent this you can provide support to your lower back by rolling up a towel and placing there or can use a cushion to relieve the pain.

Back pain prevention exercise

  • Set the computer or laptop at a comfortable height- This is among the most important causes. It is really necessary to place your laptop or desktop at a certain height and distance that will not arise strain on the neck and stress in the back. Keeping your screen under a straight view when looking will prevent neck and back pain.
  • Take frequent breaks (every hour)– Do not sit for long hours straight while working. It is quite essential to provide some relaxation to your back muscles, eyes, and hands. Try to take frequent breaks of a few minutes after every hour. It will prevent damage to your back from all the tension buildup over the period.
  • Do not stand too long– Some people may think that they will work while standing, and will not put an extra burden on the back muscles but it is not the case. The solution is to have a moderate level of movement whether you are standing or sitting.
  • Maintaining a straightened back posture– It is crucial to understand the importance of straightened back. You might think a few hours every day will not cause such a problem but here you get deceived by it. Maintaining a straight posture plays a vital role.

No need to go the extra mile for pain relief, just follow these simple steps in your daily life. It will not only prevent back pain but also give you a stress booster. And, if you are facing severe difficulties in your back then seek a doctor’s attention.

Do not avoid back pain for long period to prevent it from permanent damage to your spine. To book an appointment with Specialty Care Clinic call (469)545-9983 and get treatment right away.

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