Headaches aren’t just caused by stress or a bad cold. Cleaning the house and staying up late can also cause it. We share different headache triggers and how to fix them.


You worked 10 hours a day Monday to Friday and felt better, but after lying down on Saturday you woke up with a pounding headache. Why?

This is because stress hormone levels drop and neurotransmitters (brain chemical messengers) are rapidly released when the week’s tension is eased. These shock blood vessels cause them to constrict and then dilate, causing headaches.

How to fix :

Avoid the temptation to fall asleep on weekends. Sleeping more than eight hours at a time can cause headaches. Please include relaxation time such as, instead of cramming yoga classes into your weekend, incorporate them into your work week.

triggers o headaches


When you’re angry, the muscles in your neck and scalp become tense and feel like a tight band around your head. This is a signal of tension headaches.

How to fix :

If you get angry, take a slow deep breath. Breathe in by using your nose and out through your mouth. This will remove tension from your head and neck muscles.


Poor posture can strain your upper back, neck, and shoulders, leading to headaches.

Typically, the pain is a throbbing pain at the base of the skull, sometimes flashing to the face, especially the forehead.

How to fix :

Do not sit or stand in the same place or position for a long time. Always sit up straight and give support to your lower back. If you use your phone for a long time, consider using a dedicated headset. Holding the handset between your head and shoulder puts strain on your muscles and can cause headaches.

You can also visit a physical therapist, osteopathic, or alexander technique practitioner. It can help identify and correct posture issues.


If you think housework is a headache, you might be right. Household cleaners, perfumes, and air fresheners contain chemicals that can cause headaches.

How to fix :

If certain odors give you headaches, avoid strong perfumes and strong-smelling soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Use air fresheners and household cleaners which are unscented, and keep your front door and windows open as often as possible. If your co-worker’s perfume bothers you, keep a fan at your desk at work.

reasons for headaches


For those who are likely to have headaches, grey skies, high humidity, rising temperatures, and storms can all contribute to headaches.

Changes in atmospheric pressure that lead to weather changes are thought to cause electrical and chemical changes in the brain. This irritates the nerves and causes headaches.

How to fix :

There is little you can do or change about the weather. Prediction, however, can help you anticipate when you might have a headache and have pain relievers on hand when you need them.

To know more about your headache condition visit Specialty Care Clinics. Our doctors provide proper diagnosis and treatment for headache-related conditions.

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