People with arthritis may consider CBD Creams for pain relief. You can choose different products, including: Salves; Roll-on sticks; Lotions; Balms; Sprays. Visit us for more Some of these items include inhalers, post workout drinks, creams, gummies, and even alcoholic drinks. The reason for the popularity of CBD in medical products is due to the relieving and anti-inflammatory properties it carries, making it very beneficial for people with certain medical conditions. However, it is important to note that CBD is not legal in all the States of America, so before purchasing any CBD filled product consult with the legal laws of your state. Read on to get to know if you should or shouldn’t use CBD creams as well as what to look out for before paying for any product.

CBD Cream


As the name implies, a CBD cream is one that contains CBD. Depending on the brand, the ratio of CBD to other ingredients may vary. Since the rise in popularity of CBD, it has become very safe and very trusted to use, but there are still some cases where people can and can’t use CBD products.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding: If a woman is pregnant or is breastfeeding, it is recommended not to use any CBD containing products. The reason for this is because CBD creams may be contaminated by other ingredients that could possibly be harmful for the fetus.
  • Children: For anyone under the age of 5, it is not recommended to take any products containing CBD. Except for the case of CBD products by mouth, where 25 mg/kg is permitted.
  • Liver disease: Compared to healthy patients, patients with liver diseases are warned not to use CBD filled creams.
  • Parkinson’s disease: Research suggests that using CBD products might affect muscle movement and tremors and worsen them in some people with Parkinson disease.
  • In the case where you have any open wounds: In the case where one is healing from an open wound, it is recommended to refrain from using any CBD products till the wound has fully healed.
  • In the case where you have any sores: In the case where one has a sore it is recommended to halt on the CBD cream usage as most creams shouldn’t be used on broken skin.
  • In the case where you are already on medication: CBD does have the potential to interact with some medications. Consult with your doctor before using any CBD creams and ensure that the cream itself does not have the property of entering the bloodstream as some medicinal creams do.

CBD Cream


One of the main reasons why CBD is an uprising medicinal ingredient is the fact that its key benefit includes reducing pain and inflammation, soothing one’s skin problems as well as helping wounds heal. Here are some specific conditions where CBD creams may be of help:

  • Arthritis: Arthritis is defined by the swelling and tenderness of one or many joints. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD is what makes it effective to treat this condition as well as provide patients with long lasting therapeutic consequences. Since arthritis is easy to detect as is a localizable disease, CBD cream is idyllic.
  • Inflammation: The reason why CBD is perfect for any inflammation is due to its ability to bind to the receptors of the skin, which aids in deeply relieving any pain as well as mediating the perception of inflammation.
  • Skin conditions: CBD is a newly found safe and effective way for patients to treat their chronic skin conditions such psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.
  • Acne, and eczema: The American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD has proven that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may aid treatment for skin conditions like acne and eczema
  • Wound care: Its pain alleviation and anti- inflammatory properties are what makes CBD creams verry effective for malignant wounds.
  • Peripheral neuropathy: CBD can significantly reduce pain for people with peripheral neuropathy, which is defined as nerve damage. CBD will alleviate the numbness and inflammation of the nerves as well as aid in relieving the feeling of discomfort, and the weakening of the feet and hands.
  • Jaw pain: Patients experiencing jaw injuries such as temporomandibular disorder or TMD have found that CBD creams not only speed up their recovery process but also aid in the stiffening of the jaw as well as the muscles around the jaw.

CBD Cream


It comes without saying that a product with low amounts of CBD will be less effective than one with higher concentrations.

CBD is effective due to the fact that it treats localized pain. In order to get the best results, it is imperative to identify the problem area before lathering the cream on the whole limb. Making sure that the area is clean and dry is also a must before starting with the application process.

The application process is very similar to any other cream. CBD creams should be applied on the area of the skin where the pain is experienced and massaged deeply. If one is experiencing pain on their hands for example, massage the cream into the hand and focus on the exact joint, nerve or muscle that is injured.

In the case where the ingredient details of the cream have listed any pain relief ingredients such as menthol or arnica, the user might feel a sensation of coolness or warming on the area where the cream has been applied. Consequentially, it is recommended to read the ingredients list first, and in the case where those ingredients are present to start with a small application to test the waters.

Ideally, patch test the product before applying it in big quantities on the affected area. Patch testing is usually done on the inside of the wrist, since it is high on the sensitivity level. Patch testing allows detection of irritation and is a tricky and not straightforward preventative measure that everyone should take, especially those with very sensitive skin. Once you have assured no reactions to the cream, you must identify how much to use of it in order to alleviate the pain or inflammation. With that being said, start with a small amount of the cream and gradually increase the amount of CBD until finding optimal therapeutic relief.

Note that it takes a few minutes before the cream kicks in and that it peaks for an hour or two, which means that one may have to reapply it throughout the day to benefit from the full effect.


CBD creams can be very tricky to pick, and the perfect one will vary between person to person based on their sensitivity tolerance. Here are some considerations to take into account while picking the right product for you:

  • Quality control: Ensure that the product is of high quality and is sold from a trusted brand with recent third-party lab testing results.
  • Manufacturing Control: Ensure that the product was manufactured FDA approved Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP)-compliant facility. This approval means that the FDA supports the quality of the product.
  • Hemp source: It is recommended to use brands where that use locally grown hemp and not imported hemp.
  • Brand reputation: Catch up on the latest brand reviews before purchasing any CBD product. Research the brand itself as the products are medicinal which increase the need for safety.
  • Environmental control: Ensure that the CBD cream ingredient list is environmentally safe, as some CBD extraction posses’ harsh chemicals which may harm the environment and leave traces in the end product.
  • Dosage control: It is essential that a person reads the ingredients list of any CBD product, to get the exact dosage and potency required for their case. It is recommended a person starts with a lower dose cream and change to a higher dose if needed.
  • Type of hemp extract: Depending on the individual’s case they might need Full spectrum extracted CBD cream (whole hemp plant extract, contains no more than 0.3% THC); broad-spectrum extracted CBD cream (full spectrum of cannabinoids minus THC); CBD isolated cream (just CBD).


While small amounts and low amounts of CBD shouldn’t affect much, there are still some possible side effects that one might experience while using CBD products. The side effects include:

  • Sleepiness
  • Tiredness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in weight
  • Changes in appetite

It is not a given that you will experience these side effects, as some people don’t feel anything at all, but once the product has been put to use, monitor yourself for any visible side effect.


Keeping in mind that one of the properties of CBD cream is anti-inflammatory, here are some alternative products that might have the same effect without the CBD ingredient:

  • Arnica,
  • Vitamin B6,
  • Emu oil,
  • Ibuprofen,
  • Honey,
  • Chamomile,
  • Aloe vera.


CBD has been proven to be one of the ingredients present in Marijuana, however, CBD alone is a non-intoxicating, meaning that it will not cause a high. In addition, CBD creams do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short. THC is the high producing ingredient, so the lack of THC is what makes CBD creams legal and safe for patients with specific health conditions to use without having to worry about getting high.


Before rushing out to buy CBD cream from the closest seller, talk to your doctor or any health care professional to determine the ideal dose and time frame usage for you. As previously mentioned, test any product first to ensure no allergic reactions and work the dose up from there to get the ideal and perfect dose for you.

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