Movement with a restricted neck just because of pain can be tiresome. While lying down or sitting in a weird position for long hours, have you ever noticed that it became the reason for increased neck tension when you got up? Although, we know neck pain can have many other reasons too, for example, neck injury or diseases like neck osteoarthritis, etc. Get to our Specialty Care Clinics to check up on your current state of neck pain and try out some suggestions given out by an expert to have a sense of relief.

Among all other neck pain relief methods, there is also a simple and inexpensive trick that you can easily perform at home to reduce neck tension, which is known as Rolled Towel Trick. Every household has a set of towels, from which you have to pick one for example a kitchen towel. Fold the towel in half then start rolling it to the end and give it a form of a rolled pillow, that will work as a cervical neck roll.

Underneath the structure of the neck, a cervical inward C shape curve is present that has to be supported. This support helps the neck to come back into its position after work. While lying down, you can use any thin object to align your cervical spine with the rest of the body. In this way, you can achieve a sense of relief from neck pain.

Neck pain

Besides this you can use rolled towel trick in two ways :

  • Before lying down to sleep tuck a rolled towel inside the pillowcase

You can place a towel under your pillowcase when sleeping for proper alignment of the neck and spine with the rest of the body :

  • When you are sleeping on your back, place the towel underneath the neck while resting your head on the pillow.
  • When you sleep taking side by side position, then place the towel in between the gap formed by a neck while resting on the pillow.

Above are the arrangements that are beneficial for the relief of neck tension or pain. Without the proper support to your neck bone structure, it will create extra stress on your cervical spine’s joints, discs, and soft tissues. A simple towel trick and with its specific positioning your neck gets aligned. Also, avoid using too large of a towel cause it will overextend your neck and worsen the pain.

Using bigger or too-low pillowcases can boost the risk of more neck strain. Choosing the right pillowcase is as important as selecting the right mattress. Hence, find a pillow that does not tilt your head either too high or too low excessively. Go on with your preferences while choosing the right comfort for yourself. It will take some time before you end up in the correct combination of pillow and towel.

Towel roll for neck pain

  • When sitting for long hours uplift your lower back by slipping rolled towel behind

Maintaining a lower back position is also essential to prevent the misalignment of the spine. Using a rolled towel to support your lower back can direct straight your entire spine and posture including your neck. Whenever you plan to sit for long hours either for work or for other activities, can place a rolled towel behind the small of your back. Other activities can be:

  • Driving a car
  • Work at desk
  • Sitting in a chair or couch for relaxation

Placing a towel in the space created between the sitting chair and your body can be a great help in providing support to the spine. The filling up of naturally empty space prevents your back from rounding outwards or slumping. A rounded back spine restricts the neck to get straightened and also promotes forward head posture. Keeping this posture for extended periods tired the neck and head muscles which further causes neck pain. Overstretch ligaments, and stress on joints and discs worsen the pain. Hence, experimenting with towel tricks can be a great solution for neck pain.

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